Big Surprises in Daraa That Will Soon Shape the Future of the Region and Golan in terms of Settlements

The reconciliations in Daraa are almost concluded.The armed groups have informed the Syrian government that they are going to join it, which in turn has told them to remain in their positions and to wait for the right moment. As for Israel which ran the war in Syria to insure its security, it is now demandingthe protection of its presence and the subject of Golan may be discussed on the Russian-American settlement table. All this at a time when the battle of the south is shaping the features of the whole region, and the United States and Israel are trying to conclude thedeal of the century which include the fall of the Hashemite royalty, the division of Saudi Arabia, and shifting the Palestinians refugees right to return to Jordan as an alternative homeland. All this and more is going to be revealed by Dr. Khaled Almatrood, Director of Media Compass Network of Sputnik News Agency, during this interview about southern Syria:

– Sputnik: there are reports of Syrian military operations in the east of Daraa which include artillery bombardment and air strikes, are the possibilities of settlement and reconciliation still present?

– Dr. Almatrood: A lot of surprises are going to be announced in the coming few days. For instance, those who have been fighting the Syrian army thinking they have the auspice of Jordan and Israel have realized now that they are nothing more than useless pawns and that the game is bigger than Daraa and broader than Syria; it’s the game of Israel that seeks leadership and dominance through the Middle East project. These armed groups have returned and sided with the government and we told them to remain in their positions and to wait for the right moment in order to switch their return into a victory for Daraa, Syria and the Syrian Army.

This internal reconciliation is almost concluded and it has approached its implementation. Reconciliation in Daraa is connected to a regional settlement which got obstructed temporarily  due to some obstacles related to the interests of some countries. Recently, the armed groups have realized that they are nothing but a fuel and that they are now abandoned by their supporters. On the other hand, the Syrian government kept the door of settlement open for the return of every misguided citizen. In the next few days, we will broadcast the celebrations of Daraa live on the Syrian TV channel and that is going to be the beginning of  serious spillovers on the situation on the ground under the title of reconciliations, and I have information confirming that the settlement is almost concluded and the reconciliation is almost prepared.

– Sputnik: do you have any details about the terms of this reconciliation?

– Dr. Almatrood: the intervention of the army through its operations in the South made everyone aware of the fact  that the operation of liberating Daraa is not going to stop. Thus, everyone today wants to work on a settlement. Moreover, the regional settlement will be reflected on the internal reconciliation , by its virtue, the Syrian army is going to enter and take control over the whole governorate. The army will participate in the celebration of raising the Syrian flag with the honest citizens of Daraa, and the heavy and medium weapons are going to be handed over to the army while the individual weaponsare going to be kept without ammunition with those who want to leave. The Syrian government will grace  a six-month period allowing those who have a legal problem to join the settlement, such as evaders of mandatory and reserve military service. By virtue of this reconciliation, life and services are going to be back to normal, and the governorate of Daraa is prepared for the requirements of the coming stage and it has mobilized all its cadres to recover  the cycle of life in every area liberated from the terrorists.

– Sputnik: if the reconciliation and settlement are almost concluded, why is the Syrian armymobilizing  its troops in the south, especially that it has recently repulsed a major terrorist attack there?

– Dr. Almatrood: The existence of army troops in Daraa doesn’t necessarily mean that it insists to reclaim Daraa by military force, but it’s quite the opposite. The community of Daraa is patriotic and affiliated with the homeland and this has been proven throughout the years of war on Syria and decades of conflict with Israel. Moreover, the leadership takes into consideration that a wide segment of Daraa’s citizens are ready for political solutions in addition to being supporters of the government. However, there are some factions’ leaders and foreigners who bear down heavily upon the situation, as well as those who put pressures on the factions’ leaders to prevent the conclusion of the settlement. For example, before Eid Al Fitr, there were some preparations to achieve a broad reconciliation; however, all the reconciliation advocates were assassinated due to Israeli orders because Israel doesn’t want Daraa to be reunited with Syria without specific terms it believes that they will insure its security and bring Syria back to the Separation of Forces agreement signed in 1973, in addition to regional arrangements to remove all foreign forces from the southern region.

– Sputnik: the international positions reflect the great importance of the war in the south of Syria, where is this importance  emerged?

– Dr. Almatrood: The war in the south of Syria has a great importance because the future of the whole region is going to be shaped according to its results. In the next stage, the future of the South of Syria will be connected to a big American-Israeli project that has to do with making arrangements for the Deal of the Century, and there are major accounts under work which might need time to be finished, since the United States wants to secure the southern region under the protection and safeguard of Russia so there won’t be any disturbance to the Deal of the Century that includes granting Israel the control and leadership of the results of the political process at the expense of the Palestinians whom will be given a state in Gaza with a land area of in addition to from Sinai. In return, Egypt is going to be compensated with from Al Naqab desert. In the end, only 12% is going to be left of the left bank, making Jerusalem the capital of the Israeli entity. As for Jordan, it has different political arrangements that include terminating the Hashemite royalty in Jordan and granting it the reign of some part of Saudi Arabia after dividing it. With the rearrangement of the region after the end of war in Syria, Jordan that we know is going to be an alternative homeland for the Palestinians by virtue of this deal.

The United States and Israel believe that they are going to take control over the region and its resources and wealth through this scheme. However, the truth is that they are unable to prevent Russia from spreading its dominance, in addition to the fact that the resistance axis has the upper hand regionally and internationally by coordinating its positions with Russia and China through BRICS and Chinghai groups.

 –Sputnik: The Syrian army is conducting a military operation east of Suwayda against the Da’ash organization (banned in Russia) and east of Daraa against Nusra fighters. What about the western countryside of Daraa and the border with the occupied Syrian Golan?

 –Dr. Matrood : The Syrian state is determined to preserve its sovereignty and territorial integrity and to uphold Arab rights, especially with regard to the restoration of its occupied land. I do not rule out that the occupied Syrian Golan is part of the settlement on which the Russian and American sides are working; as Russia is trying to cool down the area. Israel is frightened by the consequences of the war in Syria after its disastrous failure in this war, it wanted through this war on Syria to hit the axis of resistance, but both Syria and the axis of resistance won, it also wanted to strike Hezbollah, but Hezbollah won and transformed from an internal Lebanese

force to a regional force, In other words, the Israeli was working through the Syrian war for his security, but today he is hardly trying to secure his existence.

And this can only be done by compromise not by military force. I believe that Russia as an ally of the Syrian state and as a global pole is the guarantor of any settlement. Otherwise, there is a point of intransigence concerning Israel. It is now opening economic lines with China and trying to firm its relations with Russia. We must not forget that Russia has 1.2 million settlers of Russian origin in occupied Palestine, besides, Russia operates according to international laws and does not take in consideration the historical right of neither the Arabs nor the Jews, but rather the work to bring peace in accordance with UN resolutions. Israel knows that Russia stands by Syria with all its capabilities ,advanced weapons and political support to eliminate terrorism and liberate the Syrian territory from armed factions and extremist groups, but the Russian side is not in the face of confronting Israel. However, Israel was informed by Russia that the Syrian army will advance to regain its territory from terrorists. The Israeli army also knows that the Syrian army’s mobilization of forces in the south is unprecedented except for the October 1973 war. Therefore, the Israeli army knows that it has two options. Either the Syrian army enters alone through reconciliation and settlement to control its territory and borders, or it will enter along with its allies in the event of a failure of the settlement, the thing that the United States and Israel are trying  to avoid, in order to reduce the losses, therefore the provision of Israeli support for terrorists will lead to heavy Israeli losses, because at then the Syrian army will not enter alone, but  it will be with its allies. And this is what has been reported to the Israelis, once the Syrian army and its allies enter an area; no one able to get them out of it without the decision of the Syrian leadership.

 –Sputnik: What about the recent US warnings to Syria and Russia about the military actions in southern Syria, are they serious threats or just a desperate attempt?

 –Dr. Matrood: the United States knows that its” Middle East project “from the Syrian portal has failed. it wanted to monopolize control and sovereignty over the Middle East, but the results of the war in Syria led it to know that there is no place for the US in the Middle East except by sharing influence and partnership with the victorious countries in the Syrian war: The Russian Federation , then China and then the axis of resistance, therefore, today it’s trying to reduce its losses by seeking to ensure Israel’s security, and this is what the US was pushing towards through discussions on the settlement that was to be discussed before Eid al-Fitr when the Kingdom of Jordan called for a meeting at the level of foreign ministers of Russia, the United States and Jordan, but the meeting was postponed because of the events that took place in Jordan recently. Before the meeting was canceled , Damascus presented during the Sochi summit between the Syrian and Russian presidents, the idea of removing all foreign forces, especially those that did not enter legally or  without the consent of the Syrian national state, including the dismantling of the al-Tanf base as a condition for removing allied forces from the south as a first phase.

Sputnik: In the event of failure of reconciliation and the launch of a comprehensive military operation, can the intervention of external parties, such as Israel, for example, lead to slip things to confront with them, and if no settlement  was reached to dismantle Al-Tanf base, will the Syrian army dismantle it by force?

Dr. Matrood: there are no direct wars in the region i.e. there are no wars between the regular armies, because a major war will be the only product of any direct confrontation between regular armies, and Israel and the United States will pay a heavy price, and  then there will be no room to talk about  any settlement, therefore the United States and its allies invented a strategy called ” wars of the fourth generation” i.e. proxy wars, and if they had the ability to fight direct wars they wouldn’t have used this type of war. They wanted to confront us with these wars and failed, and now they want to work on a new strategy for the continuation of the conflict after the fail of proxy wars. on the other hand , the Syrian state knows that the settlements are coming, but these settlements need strong papers and on of these papers is ” activating the tribes to form a popular resistance to drain the US forces”, and the United States knows the meaning of this and fear it, because they tried this type of attrition in Iraq, and this is exactly what Israel is afraid of in southern Lebanon.

The international community has worked during the seven and a half years of the war on Syria on limiting this war within the Syrian territory, because any spread of war outside of Syria will include Israel- the thing that America fears and Israel tries to evade – this spread will also include 9 US bases in the Gulf and all the U.S allies in the region, especially that Iran today has become a regional force, and at the level of the Gulf  it can close the Strait of Hormuz and turn the Gulf into a military zone.

  • Source: “arabic.sputniknews”



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