Daily Archives: Monday July 2nd, 2018

To whom words are written

By Ali al-Shoeibi Can a writer or a scholar write whenever  he or she wants? I think that those who want to talk from their inner hearts and write what their conscience dictates would not write unless motivated by a real passion urging them to do so. True writers  know that the act  of writing is a human responsibility that ...

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Netanyahu on rendezvous with the appropriate reply by an appropriate missile

By Naram Sargon Declining to retaliate to a deliberate  provocation from an arch foe sometimes stirs all sorts of false speculations. Some people think that declining to reply is a symptom of  weakness and  helplessness. Others see in it a lack of self-confidence. The truth might be the exact opposite. Declining to respond might in certain cases be an illustration ...

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Nine Amazing Pieces of Advice to Live a Good and Happy Life

During one of the scenes of the playwright William Shakespeare’s masterpiece” Hamlet”, a dialogue occurred between King Polonius’ chief counselor and his son Laertes when he was getting prepared to leave to Paris. The father gave his son a set of advice that would help him in his life in the absence of family and friends. The four-century-old advice of ...

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