To whom words are written

By Ali al-Shoeibi

Can a writer or a scholar write whenever  he or she wants? I think that those who want to talk from their inner hearts and write what their conscience dictates would not write unless motivated by a real passion urging them to do so. True writers  know that the act  of writing is a human responsibility that should be honored by truth to keep their pens clean. Sometimes, one finds enough motivations  to write. For instance, the scale of injustice being practiced against the Syrian people, on whom this vicious war has been imposed.

This war of aggression was not of the Syrian people’s choosing. It was imposed on Syria. So, the Syrian people and leadership showed a high degree of resilience and steadfastness against the forces of aggression which waged this unfair war on their country.

Hence, if soft-spoken words might be written to convey Syria’s message to the world, especially to Europeans, such a writing would surely help save lives and contribute to Syria’s steadfastness against the untold suffering inflicted by the Zionists, the US planners and their associates.

We would like to see  honest  European and other world writers  prove first to themselves and then to their readers around the  world that they fairly  side with justice and rightful causes; that they side with the oppressed against the global oppressors who are now trying to deny Syria, the Syrian people and the Syrian leadership and Army  their hard-earned victory.  We would like writers see the similarities between the sufferings and  passions of Jesus Christ and those sustained by the Syrian people. Each and every Syrian individual suffering from various instances of injustice inflicted by the imperialists and the Zionists is in fact a victim of the Zionists and their associates.

To all writers, scholars, journalists and those writing to newspapers, we say: If you are really honest to your humanitarian message,  your pens should write the truth and should show support for Syria and  the Syrian people, leadership and Army. Otherwise, your writings are to no avail.

Ask yourselves: What value do you hold your pens for and for what cause the ink of your pens flows, if you do not side with Syria?

Ask yourselves and your pens: To whom words should be written?

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts



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