Netanyahu on rendezvous with the appropriate reply by an appropriate missile

By Naram Sargon

Declining to retaliate to a deliberate  provocation from an arch foe sometimes stirs all sorts of false speculations. Some people think that declining to reply is a symptom of  weakness and  helplessness. Others see in it a lack of self-confidence.

The truth might be the exact opposite. Declining to respond might in certain cases be an illustration of super self-confidence and an ultimate disregard for an absurd  provocation. One sometimes considers it too ridiculous even to be worthy a response. In such cases, one would not even waste time even to throw a single word in response to an absurd provocation.

In the meantime, there are some people who out of despair and helplessness resort to some sorts of extreme audacity.

Despair might indeed drive brazen individuals to certain unimaginable extremes. In cases of despair, a brazen individual might be  driven so mad that he no longer cares for the consequences of his audacity and bad manners.

The Israelis are such a case-study for such a situation. They have always been a brazen state, a brazen society and a brazen army since ever their entity has been founded on a brazen alibi alleging that “God” has given them solely one of  His real estates lying between the Euphrates and the Nile Rivers. The audacity of the Israelis is escalating noticeably.

Not because of their military supremacy. Nor because they are boasting their “accomplishments” in the “Arab Spring” through which they destroyed almost half the Arab world without firing one bullet, as they have employed the Islamists and the sectarian bigots as foot soldiers of honey and poison to kill surrounding societies and countries. They have been watching this stream of destruction going through while they have been sitting back thrilled and gloating.

However, the Israeli crisis is so deep. The Syrian Army is marching to the southern frontiers without any hesitation. The Israeli options to stop the Syrian march is almost Zero. The only thing they might be able to do is to stir some troubles along the East and North-Eastern Fronts, taking advantage of the fact that Russians would prefer to calm down the Eastern fronts throughout the Football Games currently hosted by Russia.

But this would be a mere casual  pauses and military painkillers. The surgeons knife would be at work in the Syrian South until this gangrene is removed.

To know how deep the Israeli crisis is, we have only to monitor the unprecedented level of threats being made against Syria alternately by Netnayahu and his War Minister Liebermann. Their record heightened threats went as far as they have explicitly threatened to target President Assad personally if he refused to accept the  conditions they are trying to set for a deal in the making about the Southern region concerning Iran and Hizbollah.

The language Israeli officials are using is one of thugs and highway robbers. It is typical of political thuggery. It seems that Netanyahu has been intoxicated with some glasses of wine and/or psychotropic pills when he was fretting  these latest threats to allegedly “destroy the entire Syrian Army”, too.

The Israelis are obviously very nervous now. They are upping the ante and foaming with threats and absurd  statements to a bizarre level.

The force heading to the Southern Syria is formidable. Israel can do nothing other than cloning the Turkish attitude. The Turks saw with their own eyes Aleppo slipping from their fingers, but could not do anything. They swallowed  the fester mixed with blood without daring to advance their own forces.

Netanyahu has surely seen that  the NATO anaconda which swallowed  all of Israel’s foes from Iraq to Libya, could not swallow Syria. He surely saw that the NATO could not venture into Syria.

Even the Americans, the most they had been able to do was an attempted  strike that failed to hit the Syrians morale or determination. The Israelis surely know that the Syrian forces  heading southwards would brush aside all illegal militants from the South.

The Syrian forces are no longer committed to the disengagement treaty of post 1973 war, simply because this deal was  broken and torn apart by Israel itself.

This deal was breached and rendered null and void when Israel created the Nusra Front proxies and tried to deploy them along the disengagement line to keep the Syrian Army away from the armistice line. It tried to deploy these terrorist  fighters as a force that would be affiliated to the Israeli army. Their rhetoric about the Iranians and the alleged need to keep them away is a mere cover up for the real demand.

What the Israelis really want is to reactivate the old disengagement treaty with a Russian guarantee. But the Russians have refused to give them such a guarantee.

The Israeli threats to President Assad are in fact messages to the Russians warning them that the Israelis  might shuffle all cards in the region and jeopardize the Russian interests.  My advice to arrogant Netanyahu: Your threats  against President Assad will not stop President Assad.

The Syrian leadership has done well that it ignored the Israeli threats and refused to reply to them. By declining to issue any verbal reply and sending instead convoys of tanks southwards, the Syrian leadership demonstrates  that these threats are not even worthy commenting on.

My stronger advice to Netanyahu is for him to stop talking about the destruction of the Syrian Army any more. Before uttering such hollow threats, he should remember that any destruction Israel, with all the support it receives from Arab and Western powers,  may inflict upon Syria would put her  on rendezvous with the catastrophe we have promised it with.

Netanyahu has only one of two options: Either to wait for the arrival of the Syrian Army and allies to the South to be face to face with the Israeli army or to receive the upcoming catastrophe inside his spider home in case he refused this fate and tried to prevent it.

Hence we understand the reason behind this frenzy nervousness, uneasiness and annoyance. And hence we know why lies behind these restless  shuttle  trips and hollow  threats, to which we would not reply until the right time comes  with the right missile and the right catastrophe.

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts



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