Nine Amazing Pieces of Advice to Live a Good and Happy Life

During one of the scenes of the playwright William Shakespeare’s masterpiece” Hamlet”, a dialogue occurred between King Polonius’ chief counselor and his son Laertes when he was getting prepared to leave to Paris. The father gave his son a set of advice that would help him in his life in the absence of family and friends.

The four-century-old advice of Polonius applies to the expatriates who leave their homes and families for business or studying purposes. In this report, we enlist the advice of Shakespeare narrated by one of the characters of his play:

1) If you are honest to yourself, you won’t lie to anyone, just as the day is followed by night.

2) Don’t borrow money and don’t lend it because that would often cause you to lose money and friends. Borrowing renders the moderation in expenditure useless.

3) Wear the best quality clothes you can afford, but nothing flashy or tasteless because people often judge you by your appearance and people in France are known for their excellence at choosing the best and generosity in this regard.

4) Be a good listener, but keep your opinion to yourself

5) be friendly to others, but give information about yourself only to those whom you trust

6) Try not to get into a fight, but once you do, make sure your opponent has reasons to be afraid of you.

7) Once you know someone is a trust worthy friend, stay very, very close to him, but don’t feel that you have to be best friends with every new person you meet.

8) Be friendly to people, but don’t be vulgar.

9) Don’t say what you are thinking and don’t act thoughtlessly. Think before you act.

Source: “almasry Light”



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