Where is it?

Eight years of the oppressive war imposed on our country have passed, eight years of killing, oppression, kidnap, rape and blood shed, eight years of the groans of the wounded, the cries of the mothers who lost their children and the looks of the orphans wondering: where is my father? When we answer this question by saying that he is in heaven with God, their cries grows louder and our pain increases.

If we look into the causes of this situation, some would say it’s the historical enemy of the Arab nation if not the (Zionist-American) enemy of the Syrian nation, and others might say it’s because of the traitors inside our country; those who sold their country, faith, honor, and families to that enemy.

It pains us to hear that a lot of those traitors are educated people, including professors of political sciences, medicine, science…etc. Please don’t tell me that those traitors have repented and regretted what they did.

If you say that, I would tell you to send them in a mission that indicates their repentance. Let them atone for the blood of the martyrs and the groans of the wounded. Let them bring the missing people and those dead in their graves back and ask those traitors how many dollars they have left, because if they don’t have any money left, they might sell out their country over and over again.

Oh great homeland! Don’t we have the right to cry and cry because we are alive but dead inside? The traitors brought their masters to the south, south-east, north-east and north-west of our homeland, Syria, and here we are watching every step of our valiant army, the army who achieves one victory after another.

We believe in the saying “He who doesn’t care about the Syrians is not one of them even if he repented and atoned.”If he has some sense of honor and pride to carry a weapon and fight alongside the army of pride, or to offer his life and be a martyr on the path of martyrdom, then we would say that “Islam forgives the previous sins” and that the Syrians have forgiven him for what he did to them and to their homeland.

We will always wonder: what is the cause of this bloody war that we are going through? Why did the Gulf countries attack us? Why did the Chechens, Uzbeks, Chinese Uyghurs, Afghan, Pakistanis, Egyptians, Libyans, Tunisians, Iraqis, Turks and Turkmen attack us? We have a lot of questions that need the convening of a large intellectual committee to find the answer on the basis of the cause of the Syrian war in order to get over with this subject for good. So, where is it?

Dr. Ali Alshuaibi on the banks of Barada River.



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