What did Vladimir Putin learn from the late President Hafez al-Assad ?!

A former Russian official -who worked in the ministry of economy and in the office of former prime minister Yevgeny Primakov – presented to the Russian president economic solutions to his country derived from the Syrian self-sufficiency experience. Strangely enough, the listener might consider examining the accent of the speaker, perhaps he is a former Syrian official, but no! he was originally a Russian.

This claim holds many meanings for those who understand Russia’s great position in world politics. How can that superpower need to learn from a relatively small country with the size of the Syrian economy? In Putin’s first presidential term, the Russian president asked his aides and advisers for an economic solution to the miserable situation of the state treasury.

Yevgeny Primakov had played a rescue role through his former position as prime minister in Yeltsin’s last days.

Primakov presented to President Putin an astonishing study with a lot of details about President Hafez al-Assad’s experience in raising his country a huge wealth from foreign exchange and securing all that is needed for his people without real resources. Primakove compared in his study “poor” Syria who could raise billions out of nothing to “rich with resources and energies ” Russia saying that : ” “If a president of state like Syria can build a service economy for his people  while being besieged and with no effective resources, then Russia can do much more with the enormous resources it has” .

Primakov considered in his comparative study that Russia could lead the economy without engaging itself  again in a socialist system and without leaving market conditions causing the transfer of ownership of wealth and strategic economic projects from the people to foreign economic hit men under the name of investors. Primakov thus offered President Putin how to establish an economic army that operates according to the capitalist market theory, but the product of their work and their investments in the Russian economy, together with foreign investments, go to the state directly.

Putin asked his economic- experienced friend  to head a secret cell and subjugated Russia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry to his influence on behalf of the state, also asked him to launch into the world of investment “economic hit men” so no foreign investor in Russia can work without harmony and partnership with them(Literally on the Syrian style). And after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad came to power, he completed what the late Hafez al-Assad had begun, where he ordered the expansion of the state-controlled areas in the world of investments, so that there is a large sector financed by foreign investments, but in partnership with local businessmen who are in fact the tools of the state to maintain the economic security of the country.

Under the control of the state and in accordance with the conditions of the free capital market and in accordance with the laws of open investments for foreign businessmen , Syria increased its strategic financial reserves. These words are worth thinking and cogitating of , as not everything that the eye could see is the truth, for great interests require great secrets , and peace upon the spirit of the eternal leader Hafez al-Assad who paved the road for us to sleep in peace as Syria is between good hands.

  • Source: Asia news



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