Transformations in Terms of Necessity to Preserve Their Results and Features

By Dr. Ahmad Alhaj Ali 

There are governing and visionary rules deeply rooted in the core of the conflict between the Syrian homeland and the terrorist forces.

This rules turn gradually into formulas for measuring the reality and identifying the important effects and transformations provided by the Syrian national performance against this terrorism.

As a result of that and from its core, comes this rule which asserts that achieving victory over the forces aggression and darkness is important, but the more important thing is to preserve that victory in terms of its factors, rules, and the significant costs exerted to achieve it and that’s in order to prevent the victory from turning into a mere moment that is detached from what came before it and passive towards what happens after it. That is a qualitative extent of broad dimensions and deep components, but it is a principle that can’t be replaced or rallied around.

Thus, there are three trends imposing their presence nowadays.

The first one is represented in adopting the method of sorting in terms of the major events, the forms of individual and collective behavior and at the national and domestic level, as well as, the regional and international level to prevent the danger of falling in the pitfalls of memory impairment over time, because we, as Arabs, are used to get attracted to the positive phenomenon with a great and bright energy, but then we surrender to the typical pace without being cautious to the risk of the reoccurrence of the crisis of betraying us.

These current major battles in Syria with their substantial victories and transformationsrequire the element of identifying and sorting in the events in order to distinguish among the martyr, impostor, self-sacrificing, bystander, effort-maker and that who seeks self-interests, positions and worldly pleasures.

This is the time in which we need sorting in particular because we know that the knights before the battle are plenty and the knights after the battle are even more, but the knights of the battle including the martyrs, pious, innocents, self-sacrificing and efforts makers are substantially scarce which is a problem that we need to identify its sources now in order to avoid falling in the pitfalls of accomplishing achievements with the help of great men then having these achievements stolen by the imposters, hypocrites and people ofambiguous positions.

The presence of this methodology produced the emerged civilizations while its absence led to one setback after another and the cases of repeated collapse.

It is not going to be this much convenient because the stream of giving and generosity doesn’t usually care about the people and the individual and group behavior around it; it’s like fresh air and clear stream giving carelessly of the surrounding circumstances. That is the state of transcendence of martyrs, great leaders and the countrymen because of their serenity and purity.

However, this in itself constitutes a suitable juncture to absorb the rays and transform them later into private paths and launch them as the achievements of those who didn’t contribute in accomplishing them which calls for the necessity of stressing an important idea which is that the major positive phenomena in the history of the existing nations and the struggling people are acquiring two indispensable elements for protecting the achievements and passing them to the next generations.

The first is to establish the elements and facts of the belief and ideology on which victory was built, and the second is to employ the results with all their crystalized influences, pains and outcomes in the coming phase and that’s based on what has been achieved in the current phase. This is not a mereemployment; it’s a faith, belief, awareness and precise crystalized organization.



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