Assad’s ghostly way of showing up; a reality that shocked the nation’s enemies..

By: Syrian researcher and writer; Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

When the unjust war on Syria began, President Bashar al-Assad visited the People’s council , and it was a historic visit. the people and their council were expecting a different speech than that was given by the president, but the president , as a great leader, was very aware of what will happen to this country which was trusted to him , and with all the information between his hands he knew very well that there would be along bloody road ahead ; nevertheless, he decided to cheer up his people and their council with his fine selected words ; he laughed while his heart was full of pain for the calamities and woes that his country will be exposed to, he laughed while his heart was praying for God to protect Syria and save it , and then he said his famous words: ” Syria is protected by God”.

As a people ;we slept , woke up and went to work daily while he was the tender mother and the compassionate father who didn’t want to frighten his children with the darkness that was to come, but he was preparing and getting ready for these lean years, those lean years passed through the path of martyrdom and braveness , but for him it was like 70 years of hardship , we often saw him among us deriving from our absolute love for him an antidote to heal us with , His ghostly way of showing up was an antidote to his people and army and a deadly poison for Syria’s enemies.

Downward thinking is the process to ascend from the creative chaos planned by the enemies of Syria and declared by Rice, America’s chaotic US Secretary of State, up to the ascension as planned by President Bashar al-Assad planned to take Syria out from this chaos into order, and from partial to whole, from blur to clarity , and from just looking at the world of resistance to feeling it till it became a reality on the ground in the form of collective victory.

President Assad also was chosen by God to purge Syria of terrorists and takfiris and eliminate them, and chase them wherever they are on Syrian soil. And when that was done, it was time to expel their founders and supporters.

God also chose the President to stop these evil people, and so he rushed to lift their oppression of the weak Syrians, and one day all the leaders of the world will follow the steps of this great leader and will protect their weak people too.

The Arab peoples that were watching what is happening in Syria were in a state of shock by what Assad did to protect his Syrian people.

He led a mighty army that could ride in an incredible way all the hurricanes that met from every side of the earth to destroy it, and by the efforts of this mighty army no stone was left unturned in what is called the ” soft war” and thus Syria won immortality , and on top on that , he raised the flag of the Syrian future as it should be while leading his army through the tornados of  darkness, death, ignorance and backwardness.

You were like a shadowy hero who suddenly appear between your soldiers to share them bread and courage and revive in them valor and heroism, civilians from your people got used to your sudden appearance among them in markets and universities or in your visits to the houses of wounded and of martyrs.

In every case you remained the driving force for implementing the will of sovereignty, you stayed and you preserved the Syrian sovereignty , and the slavish leaders of other countries were astonished by that and their minds couldn’t understand your power , all the  eyes of the oppressed in the Arab world has turned to you for salvation ; and you didn’t disappoint them  you were the perfect leader , the son of a great leader , you are truly Bashar son of Hafez al-Assad. God has blessed us with you to protect us and to show us how to build and how to act wisely and properly; so the new Syria could be born on your hand.



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