The battles in the South are lessons for the North to learn

By Dr. Bassam Abu Abdullah

 The military parades staged by armed groups in Deraa reminded me of the fanfare-like shows thecriminal ZahranAlloush used to organize in Eastern Ghouta when he was in control of  the so-called “Jaish al-Islam” (Army of Islam) or to be more specific and accurate the “Army of criminality” before these gangsters  have been flushed out of these suburban areas. Some say that they have been moved to Yemen and are now reportedly fighting (along with other mercenaries embedded with the Saudi-led coalition) in the on-going assault on the Yemeni sea-port of Hodeida.

Curiously enough, these individuals seem to have not understood yet that the decision to restore each and every inch of the Syrian land has been taken long time ago.

This decision is being implemented on the ground slowly but steadily, as per the already set phased-out plan, taking into account  the military capabilities available in each and every step,   the  list of priorities, and the regional and international political circumstances. In other words, the plan might linger  a little bit here or there, but the decision is crystal clear: The entire Syrian territories would be fully liberated from the filth of terrorism.”

The same kind of rhetorical debates are being played and replayed time and again at the outset of each and every confrontation and whenever  our heroic Syrian Army begins a battle. We have seen this in Old Homs, in the Syrian Steppe around Palmyra, in Deri ez-Zour, in East Aleppo and in Eastern Ghouta. Now we see it again in the Southern areas of Deraa, Quneitra, and the vast terrains of Suweida. The result is unmistakable.

It should be known to each and evert sensible person with enough brains and wits. They should know that there is no place here for false presumptuous bragging, nor for any of thesefictitious  and hollow names artificially bloated  to give a false impression of  significance such as “Horan’s birds of fire,  Horan’s Falluja, or many other similar fake names.”  The truth is that Horan has own soldiers, army and people who will cleanse it from the filth of saboteurs, stray-men, and idiots who have turned their own folk and communities into mere paper tissues being played out by the Petro-Dollar regimes and by the historical enemies of their country only to serve the interests of crisis-profiteers, war-dealers, and vassal mercenaries queuing for the crumbs of  banquets thrown by international intelligence agencies.

They have turned themselves and their folk into tools in the hands of Black Operations Rooms, who have been using them for years now, but will abandon them soon and will dump them in the dustbin of history  as one would do with used paper tissues.

The lessons have been too ample for every sensible person to learn. But alas, these guys would never learn. As if we were talking to cement walls, which never understand, never learn, and never read.

They repeatedly claim to have gotshocked  in every time  Washington refuses to intervene in their favor.

We tell them:  Washington would not intervene for the sake of disposable “paper tissues”. Washington recycles you, drains you and exhausts you in her service. Once you become unusable anymore and rendered with no benefit for the US-Israeli interests, you would be thrown away like garbage and left to your own destiny.

This is what the “false heroes”  of the South and the “stray-men” of the North  should understand: You are mere cheap tools being played out as little mercenaries in a major game.  You are just small pieces, not to say extremely tiny pawns, on a grand chess board.

The battles in the South will proceed, as per the already set military plans. With the support of allies, the Syrian Arab Army successfully managed to accomplish the first phase. More gains will follow successively until all missions are fully accomplished.

These operations are being successfully carried out thanks to the cooperation rendered by the honest people of Horan who want to clean their towns and villages from the filth of the terrorists and their supporters. The dear price paid by the Syrians has helped them realize the nasty intentions of the Muslim Brotherhoods and the Wahhabis against Syria.

In the North, the scheme and the plethora of militant factions involved, feature some “ethnic” rather “sectarian” camouflage.

In northern Syria, they  use the term  “Syrian Kurds”. Some of the involved political forces, have unfortunately, tried to invest in some suspicious schemes of partitioning. Hence, they invented a name for a would-be region, so-called “Rojova”.

Under the pretext of fighting against Daesh (ISIS), the muscular militants who run over these territories have literally committed ethnic cleansing against the native Arab population who have inhabited the area for ages.

They also exercised ugly forms of persecution against non-Kurds. In other words, they committed the same sort of oppression they falsely claim to have been subjected to. Not only that. They have launched a race-based project to “Kurdicize” the entire region, turning almost everything into Kurdish.

The schools, the education curriculums, text books, names of towns and localities and almost every thing is being turned into “Kurdish”. They apparently want to create a fake reality that does not go in harmony with the prevalent  demographic fabric of these areas. All of this is being done, unfortunately, with the full support of the US, France and Britain, while the Gulf states foot the bill.

These too, did not understand the multiple messages sent to them. They used to claim that their interests  converge with the United States. What a joke! They seem to have the illusion that they are tha “major Power” .

Apparently they do not realize that they are mere “paper tissues”. They cherish the same delusions of their southern fellows. In the north, the toolkit for swindling is ready. They forcibly insert the word “democracy and/or democratic” everywhere and without any obvious reason.

Their incessant misuse of this term has got annoying and disgusting. Even their very military structures are labelled as “democratic”! For instance they use the term  “Syrian Democratic Forces –SDF”. This is sheer deceit to mislead the people,  eye-wash the public opinion, and get a more marketable brand that can be sold in the West.

If realities can be changed merely by giving glossy names, why would not the US call its army “The Democratic Army of the US”? Or why would not France call her army “France’s Democratic Army”?, and so on ?  Fake as it is, they seem to have liked the ploy. Now they ascribe this attribute even to their other “institutions”.

So, they call their security apparatus “democratic” and their police force, founded and supported by the US and associates, they also call it “Democratic Police”!!

In the North, the word “democratic” was the catch phrase that had to be repeated time and again. While in the South, they use the word “Sunni” more often.

Let us remember that in the early days of their alleged “revolution” in Deraa, these pseudo-revolutionaries  have used these same misleading slogans being now re-echoed in the North. But soon, they revealed their true faces and began to use the low and disgusting slogans that mirrored  their own lowness, their short-sightedness and the falsehood of their allegations and connections and their illusions. This is the bitter reality, unfortunately.

These headlines are being tabled just to remind everyone of the facts on the ground. This is should not be taken as threats addressed to anyone, nor as labelling anyone as “traitor”. I am not a court house nor a judge.

But throughout the long years of this criminal war  imposed on our country and on our people, our role, at al-Watan daily,  has been and will continue to be to express our viewpoints and to tell the truth which has become now as glaringly clear as the sun shining in the sky.

What is more important is to learn a few lessons, including:

  • The forces of domination and colonialism do not view their tools in terms of their sects, faith, or ethnicity. They only  make use of such identities to serve their own objectives and interests.  Look deeper and with more scrutiny into the toolkit of swindle  anddeceit to see how these same tactics used in  the South are being used now in the North.

  • Throughout history, stooges and traitors have never been held with respect neither by their masters nor in the memory of lively peoples. The examples are too many to enumerate.

  • Any country aspiring to attain a flourishing and promising future would gain vigor and strength only by enhancing the state institutions, by enforcing the rule of law, and by maintaining equality among all citizens in terms of both rights and duties. Any potential flaws or defects should be tackled solely internally. One would not ask foreign troops to invade own country allegedly to tackle a certain problem. Such misconduct would not be justified under the allegation of having “convergence of interests”. Such false rhetoric is simply a pure political idiocy. Time has proven and will continue to prove such allegations as sheer lies and hypocrisy.

  • What we, Syrians, should always emphasize upon is our common demand to establish security and stability first and foremost. Without security and stability, there would be no chance for eventual development, flourishment, a promising economy, nor democracy. Some democratic criteria need a long time to evolve. The democracy they tirelessly claim to be advocating can not be realized without honoring the basic principle of  “accepting the different other.” In this sense, each and every bigot, religiously fanatic, or extremist of any kind whether on ethnic or racial basis is surely at the opposite side of the spirit and objectives of democracy.

Finally, the battles  being fought in the South should be read carefully in the North to learn the lessons. President Bashar al-Assad has given everyone there one of two options to choose from: Either a political settlement through dialogue and national reconciliation to serve the common patriotic interest, or the military solution.

I think that the traps set by the US for those advocating the theory of  “convergence of interests with the US”  have been multiple enough for them to learn the lesson,  though lessons are there only for those who are willing to learn.

What everyone in the South, North, East or West should realize is that Syria, as a homeland, as a history, and Army with all of these dear sacrifices offered already, is not a cake for anyone to trade with at sectarian, ethnic, or international interests  bazars. Syria is  way bigger than this. Hearken this,  ye, ‘Birds of Fire” and you neo-democrats.

I am of a generation who would never forget the  voiceof the late Syrian star Salah Qassass, in one of his famous works of drama glorifying the October Liberation War,  answering his wife as to why he risks everything and never submits to enemies.

In that memorable scene, he intoned this famous phrase: “(It is easier for me to stand) A thousand ropes of hanging, but never to be called a traitor.” (Meaning that he would rather be executed than being viewed as traitor).

This phrase sums up  the spirit of the Syrians and their national pride, as evidenced by their legendary steadfastness and their heroic resistance throughout the long years of the war. Waiting for the statement of our heroic Army declaring the liberation of the South, stay well.

Translated from Arabic into English by Syrianfacts. The article above was first published by  al-Watan daily.



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