Daily Archives: Thursday July 12th, 2018

The Syrian street began to recover

By :Syrian writer and researcher Dr .Ali al Shoaibi Writing for me is insomnia!  Yes insomnia and responsibility ! In the world of literary criticism critics used to say about the pre-Islamic poet “Zuhair ibn Abi Salma” that he would not praise the man unless he is really worth it, and in the modern world, they say a lot about ...

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What is going on in al-Raqqa? (Part 1)

By: Syrian writer and researcher Dr. Ali al Shoaibi Every patriotic honest man whether old or young loves his country , and the people of al-Raqqa are no exception; they are just like every Syrian who loves his country and defends it. They loved their destroyed melancholic blue city so much and they still do, a city that was a ...

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Why do Syrian People Love President Bashar Al-Assad?

By: the Syrian researcher and writer Dr. Ali Al-Shuaibi Syrians wonder: Do not the politicians of the West have morals…! What Trump has done with the treaties and conventions whichAmerica has concluded with many of countries…! How he broke them even with his neighbor Canada and his European companions excluding Iran, China and Russia. Syrians wonder: those people of the ...

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