The Syrian street began to recover

By :Syrian writer and researcher Dr .Ali al Shoaibi

Writing for me is insomnia!  Yes insomnia and responsibility ! In the world of literary criticism critics used to say about the pre-Islamic poet “Zuhair ibn Abi Salma” that he would not praise the man unless he is really worth it, and in the modern world, they say a lot about the Foot poetry. And political critics praise that politician or that by saying ” he is realistic” , and the politician who lives his reality is the most capable of treatment, and the people who respond to the change brought and  baptized by the blood of martyrs to build a new life.

This is what we see in our Syrian reality today, and we praise Allah that this new reality has transcended the unjust war , a reality that came with the advent of the holy month, so the heavenly goodness is gathered together with the efforts and blood of the martyrs and the wisdom of leadership on the path of a new construction process that began to appear in the Syrian street in a very realistic way , and realism is the most powerful among all and it paints the evolution of modernity, which means moving into a new realistic life.

Here there is an important crossroad which a part of it holds a huge billboard that extends across the country and on it it’s written : here will rest in peace all the martyrs who gave away their precious lives, leaving behind their children, so that the homeland can recover,  and  beside them the beds of the wounded with all their pain and ache; here was a great historic turning point for building Modern Syria and modernity, All the blood that has filled the Euphrates  was shed so that post-war Syria can be realistic and only concentrate  on all the martyrs it gave, and its people must not forget the blood river and whines of  the wounded till they can go back to where the plot began, This great people must understand the lesson that it learned with all that blood.

There is an arrow at the end of the billboard at the cross road and below it it’s written :” new Syria from here”  so you can walk and see the beginning of the people’s  joy and the beginning of the return of life to them as they prepare to build Syria again, you also can hear the caller at each corner saying ” common everybody! At last we got rid of the death nightmare that tried to strangle Syria , the country that won due to its wise leadership and its brave army! Common all Syrian! Gather and get ready to build a new reality which price was paid through the pure blood river “.

Nations can only rise through great sacrifices . this is the genuine reality  so don’t miss the chance of civilized reconstruction on the land that you stood on and for. And remember ” those who were killed for the sake of Syria are not dead, but alive and they are to see your work.”



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