Why do Syrian People Love President Bashar Al-Assad?

By: the Syrian researcher and writer Dr. Ali Al-Shuaibi

Syrians wonder: Do not the politicians of the West have morals…! What Trump has done with the treaties and conventions whichAmerica has concluded with many of countries…!

How he broke them even with his neighbor Canada and his European companions excluding Iran, China and Russia.

Syrians wonder: those people of the Neanderthal (the primitive Man), why don’t Humanities instructors in Europe teach their societies at schools and colleges about the Arabian culture that dated from the third millennium BCE up to the beginning of the first century.

They are proud of the Ten Commandments, but who taught them those Commandments? That is the question. They found them in the Old Testament without even wondering:has humanity known earlier morals before that time? The answer to this question reveals the existence of an elevated ethical Arab civilization that was in Arab societies thousands of years before Islam, and when Prophet Mohammed came, he came to completethose morals and ethics, as he said.

We will review an amazing Aramaic moral text, in the seventh century BCE, the Aramaic philosopher Ahikar the sage offered his nephew Anandan with a set of moral commandments saying:

Receive all instructions with pleasure, relate to no one what you hear and reveal to no one what you see, untie not a bound cord and tie not a loosened one, approach not to a shameless woman and glance not at her beauty,keep what is your own; seek not to others, be not gloomy for a bless that your averse reaches; be not happy for his plight,bemerciful, do not lie, draw not on yourself the curse of your father and mother, be modest, be patient in anger, believe, judge uprightly and you will be honored in your old age, keep a sweet tongue and open your mouth to speak what is good,be tough, be the first one to leave the table, be not greedy, keep away from debt, be secretive,think before declaration,keep your hands from stealing; your mouth from lying and your body from lewdness, wear elegant cloths, support those who were rich and turned poor; abandon those who were poor and turned rich, it is better to be too cautious than to be rash. We, the Syrians, believe that these moral commandments are literally represented in the personality of President Bashar Al-Assad, add his great modesty, judiciousness, bravery, loyalty and absolute intelligence that keeps up with life requirements. We know very well that all Arab governments and other European ones used to consulthim on what they wanted to do in their countries. For all these tributes Syrians do love their genius president Bashar Al-Assad.

The question now: isn’t it the right time for the western Humanities scholarsto teach their peoples the reason behind the victory of the Syrian President and his nation?



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