What is going on in al-Raqqa? (Part 1)

By: Syrian writer and researcher Dr. Ali al Shoaibi

Every patriotic honest man whether old or young loves his country , and the people of al-Raqqa are no exception; they are just like every Syrian who loves his country and defends it.

They loved their destroyed melancholic blue city so much and they still do, a city that was a prey of treacherous jihadist movements to end up in the hands of ISIS that made it suffer a big civilizational decline and turned its reality to a painful sad one; thus most of its people run away to other Syrian provinces and many of them suffered from poverty, which led them to a miserable social situation and so the majority fled away  to neighboring countries or Europe while the rest stayed in the country waiting and hoping for the liberation of al-Raqqa so they can go back with all the dignity in the world  to their homes , jobs and beloved city…

the years passed fast , and the ridiculous American play began , they pretended to be co-operating with the Kurds on their different levels and parties , sadly the Americans could successfully fool the Kurds who went on implementing the American schemes stupidly while America destroyed al-Raqqa under the pretext of fighting ISIS and made the kurds busy with a very failing obvious play till 90% of the city was destroyed , they destroyed almost everything; the great infrastructure , the government departments ,the agricultural projects and every other productive project in water, electricity or telecommunications then destroyed the streets and dug it..all this destruction is something , and the cluster bombs are a whole another thing with all the illness it caused to people there in the city where the US left no hospital or medical center undestroyed and no doctor or medic left! After all this , people thought – according to the American collation claims- that the Kurds liberated al-Raqqa from ISIS !!

Is al-Raqqa truly had been liberated form ISIS? What is really going on in al-Raqqa? We will continue in the next episode.




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