Daily Archives: Thursday July 19th, 2018

Bernard Lewis: The False Prophet of the Big Lie

By: Martine Sieff The death of Professor Bernard Lewis, former Professor of History at Princeton on May 19 at the amazing age of almost 102 was reported throughout the US media with reverence and appreciation. According to the New York Times, which set the tone, “Few outsiders and no academics had more influence with the (George W) Bush administration on Middle East ...

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Seymour Hersh :Turkey and Saudi Arabia supplied al-Nusra front in Syria with the essentials of sarin gas

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Sy Hersh reveals in an interview with Russia Today that intelligence reports confirm that  Saudi Arabia and Turkey were providing al-Nusra Front terrorists with the basic chemicals used for sarin gas, he also confirmed that the White Helmets is merely a propaganda organization. In hisinterview with Russia Today – Britain, Hersh noted that intelligence reports confirm that ...

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Would Hizbollah change the rules of engagement? A worrying scenario for “Israel”

Before meeting with the Zionist Chief of Staff GadiEisenkot in Washington, the US Chief of Staff General Joseph Dunford  met with the Lebanese Army Commander, the “Israeli” Walla site reported. The site quoted unidentified sources at the Zionist Security Establishment as saying that some clear messages were addressed to Lebanon that Israel will not allow what is considers “worrying” changes ...

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