Washington Pulled the Rug from under Its Militias and pushed themtowards The Abyss

The Independent newspaper published an article of the writer Robert Fisk about the Syrian case in which he said: the scene is witnessing now a moment that will go down in history because the United States has gave up on its conditions for the reconciliation in Syria.

The writer explained that the American position should be clear by now; when Washington announces that it understands the difficult situations faced by its allied militias in Syria, yet it demands them not to violate the ceasefire with the Syrian army

and Russian forces, that clearly indicates that Washington is pulling the rug from underother allies.

Fisk adds, the terms of the current ceasefire in Syria were fully determined by the Russians, and the ceasefire was originally their idea.

Thus, Washington is sending a clear message to its allied militias in the south of Syria and the opposition in general thatthey will not receive any support from it or the west in this conflict.



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