Mr. moustache admits the defeat of the West plans in Syria

Every time the Syrian Arab Army liberates an area ;the global balance increases while the “west” foot sinks deeper in the scum it brought to the holy land of Syria.

In Daraa, the battle jumps over the borders of victory, and the bullet of the Syrian soldier crosses the borders of the south. Israel is in the middle of the target and downwards Jordan falls. Saudi Arabia closes its eyes. Trump escapes to the Helsinki summit with Putin.

Creators of the plot deny the devils that they supported for seven years in Daraa, while the so-called “friends of Syria” stop supplying the terrorists there, and no “MOC Military Operations Center” missionaries of false democracy in the middle east appear on the borders of the deal of the twenty-first century.

The United States and the Zionist entity have sought to accomplish two strategic tasks in Syria: the first was the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the destruction and fragmentation of Syria and planting submissive replacement represented by “Syrian opposition groups”, who do not hesitate to normalize

established relations with the Israeli entity; and the second task was to secure the northern border of the Israeli entity and ensuring it won’t be destabilized by any party whatsoever.

Trump  National Security adviser John Bolton – or Mr. moustache as Sayed Hassan Nasrallah described him comparing him to cartoon figures- said in an interview with “CBS”, in response to a question on whether the Syrian president won the ongoing war in his country:” frankly , I don’t think Assad is the strategic issue” Is this a clear recognition of strategic failure of their plans !!.

The orientalist  “Ehud Yaari” commentator on Arab affairs  (on Hebrew television), was the only one who chose to fly outside the swarm not considering what his leaders want to show when he said: I humbly say that the victory of the Syrian army in the south is a victory over “Israel” too, we are losing inthe Syrian war, President Assad will reach the borders soon”.

  • Source: Syrian facts



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