“Israel” was in Jobar … the most important Mossad operations with the help of “rebels”

By: Ali Makhlouf

The Israeli wore “peasant trousers” and hid his cap in his pocket. He sat on a straw chair to drink his Damascene tea with a malicious smile while his eyes on an archeological synagogue. He raised the flag of the French Mandate and put his shoulder on the shoulder of the ” sexual complex rebels” till Jobar turned to an advanced-front line substituting Tel Aviv . for so many  war years this Damascene neighborhood was a sink for terrorism , all the hidden things were there in an underground city! quality weapons, Israeli and American weapons of mass destruction were discovered in Jobar, the oldest Hebrew manuscript found in the Jewish synagogue there moved suddenly to the heart of Tel Aviv ?!

In return to the beginnings of the Syrian war, the “freedom” brigade carried three of the Zionist aristocrats, the first of which was “Bernard Henry Levy”, which goes without definition, the second “John McCain” American Zionist hardliner to “Israel”, the third is “Robert Ford” U.S ex-ambassador to Damascus.

The “Freedom Fighters” won commemorative photos with these three Zionists,  “Basma Qudmani” visited Tel Aviv ,and “Farid Ghadri” declared explicitly that the Israeli flag will rise over Damascus in the event of the fall of the regime in reference to the possibility of normalization, while the Mujahideen laid down on the beds of the Israeli hospitals  and rang the bell of what Ibn Taymiyyah once said:  “The Jews are better than certain Syrian sects.”, besides the eyes of Avi Dichter -the former Israeli security minister- glowed while standing on Golan height calling the world to help ” the cattle revolution ” in Syria.

In Jobar it all was set to form a western-Israeli- Arabian gulf fortress that threatens the capital. The battle of this neighborhood was so difficult that even some supporters of the Syrian state did not understand it. A deep long tunnel network threatened the old Damascene neighborhoods adjacent to it,  like Bab Touma and Bab Sharqi, American and Israeli intelligence cells and western advisers. And on the top of that some of the Gulfis were going on an inspection safari to the neighborhood with the “rebels” through the tunnels.

Precious antiques from an old Jewish temple in the neighborhood  were stolen, in addition to copies of the holy book of the Torah made of suede, and textile paintings  and some candlesticks .

All these antiques were in the custody of the militia Corps Rahman, till some activists  at the end said that these precious antiques have passed from Turkey to “Israel”!.

The arrival of these precious antiques to Israel means two things; the first of which is that there are Syrian agents for Israel who called themselves ” rebels”, by the way, the opposition and its gunmen are largely infiltrated by the American and Israeli intelligence, and the second is the presence of large intelligence activity in some places controlled by the militants and it may be considered that the transfer of objects of religious significance for the Jews is one of the most important modern intelligence operations carried out by the Mossad and its allies through the Syrian “rebels” agents.

Some opponents who are known of their patriotism at home were against the conspiracy theory and thought that the Israeli hand, the Mossad activity and the client networks among the “revolutionaries” were exaggeration by the Syrian authorities, but after following the positions of the external opposition and the visits that some of them have paid to “Israel” and others interviewing Israeli newspapers, not to mention the existence of clear and true images showing the existence of the Zionists (McCain and Levy) accompanied by gunmen, in addition , some families of Jobar received Robert Ford with roses and rice, after all this the truth was crystal clear and the theory of conspiracy evaporated in the air besides the Syrian government proved itself to be right in everything it said or warned from . While some opposition figures enjoy their names on the lists of negotiations and appear on screens to incite accusations and allegations against Damascus, an Israeli intelligence officer sits in his office watching Arab satellite channels supporting the opposition while raising the toast of these agents that have been successfully recruited.

  • Source: alalam.ir



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