Daily Archives: Monday July 23rd, 2018

What is going on in al-Raqqa? (Part 2)

By: Syrian writer and researcher Dr. Ali al- Shoaibi Even though in al-Raqqa there is not one adequate bridge for people , municipal vehicles , animals or vehicles of all kind to pass on, still the Kurds the occupiers of al-Raqqa – especially the non-Syrian of them-  brag about that they are going to repair the bridges demolished by the ...

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Acting smart and lying can’t turn defeats to victories

By: Nasser Kandil In Trump’s era, Washington does not seem foolish in the practical steps, but rather realistic in its calculations in drawing the boundaries of its battles in the field, unlike Trump’s rhetoric in tweets, and contrary to the impulses adopted by its allies, here are two examples of Trump’s management methodology: The first is the stage of the ...

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The Justice and Development Party –Undermining the Foundations of the Turkish Republic (part14)

By: Ahmad Sulaiman Al-Ibrahim – a Researcher on Turkish Affairs. The information provided by Turkey to the US, most of which is based  on field studies carried out by America directly, includedthe fact that Justice and Development Party is paving the way towards assuming power and being the sole and exclusive authority in Turkey.That is why they wanted to organizehigh-levelmeetings ...

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