The Justice and Development Party –Undermining the Foundations of the Turkish Republic (part14)

By: Ahmad Sulaiman Al-Ibrahim – a Researcher on Turkish Affairs.

The information provided by Turkey to the US, most of which is based  on field studies carried out by America directly, includedthe fact that Justice and Development Party is paving the way towards assuming power and being the sole and exclusive authority in Turkey.That is why they wanted to organizehigh-levelmeetings with Erdogan and his party.

The American diplomats, CIA officials, politicians and some businessmen have been meeting with Erdogan since he was the Mayor of Istanbul; especially the American ambassador in Ankara and the American Consul who were continuously visiting him. It seems clear that the Americans were encouraging Erdogan to establish a”new entity”.

Graham Fuller, a senior CIA officer who was responsible for the Middle East file for 20 years and later appointed as the deputy chairman of the National Intelligence Council, believed that the conditions are ripe for the implementation of the moderate Islam project, on which he had worked for a long time and put it in an 80-page intelligence report.

This project focuses on the policy of restructuring Turkey as a “model” for other Islamic countries. Fuller, along with the US Intelligence officers, started to lay the theological and ideologicalfoundations of the project through establishing relationships with Fathallah Gulen.

They were acting so that the political vacuum will be filled by the political organization of (the reformists), which will separate from the Welfare Party.It was found that this strategic planning is highly consistent with the ideological and political objectives of the cadre who will establish the Justice and Development Party.

Graham Fuller, who works on the implementation of themoderate Islam project, has had two friends (collaborators). Both of them know Turkey very well and they are well-known in Ankara. One of them is Morton Abramowitz, the former US ambassador in Turkey. The other is Henri Barkey, born in Turkey and he studied for a while at “Boğaziçi University”.Barkey went to America for his Master’s studies, and he stayed there and started to work at the Department of State. Moreover, both of them are Jewish

Barkey has had a good relationship with Tayyip Erdogan since the latter was the head of Istanbul branch of the Welfare Party. Furthermore, Abdullah Gul, the Deputy Chairman of the Welfare Party was among the people who had an intimate relationship with Barkey to the extent that they were sitting together for a long time.

 In addition, Morton Abramowitz served as the Head of the Intelligence and Research in the Department of State.

When he was the U.S. Ambassador to Turkey during the years 1989-1991, he sent a large number of confidential and coded messages to America about (the reformists) of the Welfare Party and about moderate Islam. Yilmaz Bolat, who has worked in America in the field of journalism for about 30 years and a reporter for several Turkish newspapers and television stations, including the Tercuman Newspaper and the state television TRT, provides interesting information about the development of relations between US policymakers and intelligence officials on one hand, and Tayyip Erdogan on the other hand.

To be continued…



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