Daily Archives: Saturday July 28th, 2018

To change, we have to undergo changes ourselves

By :Dr. Bassam Abu Abdullah Surely enough, things after Helsinki summit would not be the same as they were before it, especially in terms of  the Syrian issue. Many observers and commentators concur on this. The press conference jointly held by the Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump gave the impression that some substantive US-Russian understandings ...

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The Decisive Victory of Syria

By” Naser Kandeel” – Many believe that the greatest complication which is going to determine the future of Syria and the massive war aimed against it is what will happen in the north of Syria when America and Turkey share the influence over a part of the Syrian homeland, and discuss the projects of partitioning Syria. – If we reflected ...

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Syrian Medical Research Wins the Best Scientific Publication Award of 2018 in Switzerland

The Syrian Doctor, Hala Kamal Ktaish, received the award of the best scientific publication of 2018 from the Swiss association for orthopedic surgery during its annual convention and that’s for her research about the role of tissue engineering at treating meniscus injuries. Hala who studied orthopedic in Switzerland and currently prepares to acquire the Ph.D. Degree in tissue engineering and ...

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