Daily Archives: Sunday July 29th, 2018


By: the Syrian Writer and Researcher: Dr. Ali Al- Shuaybi It’s true that some very hard years have casted their shadows on this great Syrian Arab nation, this nation that broke all the chains and defeated every entity that tried to confiscate its freedom, and it seems that the first act of alliance is happening one more time. because the ...

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First 3-D color X-ray

By producing clear images of inside the human body, researchers hope the new scan will boost accuracy when diagnosing diseases. Study author Professor Phil Butler, from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, said: ‘This new imaging tool is able to get images that no other imaging tool can achieve’. Color X-rays allow doctors to identify markers of diseases, such as ...

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Survival questions began to be asked in the Zionist entity

Living in a state of anxiety about the victories in Syria ;Israel is asking Washington to give it a hand  to return to the disengagement agreement in 1974. After Damascus closed its ears and stopped listening to any calls, and Moscow did not speak with reassurance, the Helsinki summit came to give Israel a half- reassurance !! Opens the door ...

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