The reverse migration began and the new Syria will rise from the midst of destruction

By: Abdel Bari Atwan

Thousands of displaced Syrians in Lebanon began to return voluntarily after security is back in most of the Syrian cities and villages, especially the Ghouta region where most of them were displaced from, tens of thousands of Syrian militants who were in the armed opposition factions were involved in reconciliation projects with the state and settled their situation and handed over their weapons, almost all of the cease-fire agreements came with Russian mediation and official Syrian blessing, and a very limited role, or rather symbolic one of the United Nations.

And the Gulf Arab states that supported the armed factions and armed forces did not give a penny to the displaced or the fighters who had settled their situation, while tens of billions of dollars were spent on training and arming them, and after inciting them to fight and destroy Syria, they turned their back and engaged in another war.

The majority of Syrian refugees are looking to return to Syria, according to a study by the Carnegie Center because most or all of them have faced all forms of racial discrimination, besides they do not want their children to lose their Arab and Islamic cultural identity, and they expect democracy, development, freedom and justice back home.

Syria is recovering after seven years of killing, destruction, conspiracies and disinformation.

We believe that  futureal Syria will be stronger, more cohesive and more accommodating to lessons of these lean years, because of its rich cultural heritage and the genes of creativity that are running in the veins of its sons.

From Daraa, the protests started calling for legitimate reform, and from Daraa will shine the hope of a new dawn, a comprehensive national reconciliation and a political, economic and social process of reconstruction, which is about to take off, if it has not already begun.

This is the Syria that we know and that we learned by heart its history which dates back to 8000 years and which has a huge record of great achievements .. and the days between us.

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