Daily Archives: Tuesday July 31st, 2018

Funny story about “creative chaos in Iraq”

Paul Bremer: Well, my dear friend, Jeremy, we shall carry out the orders of President Bush to run this ancient country in the style of creative chaos, read, have you ever read those recommendations before? Jeremy Greenstock: Chaos? Creative? How can chaos be creative? Bremer: it will be creative as it will create something certainly, no matter what that creature ...

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Syrian Seeds Could Save US Wheat Crops

After the attack of buzzing hordes of flies, there was one seedling left unharmed among 20 thousand seedlings affected by pests in one of Kansas university greenhouses. The species of this seedling is known as Aegulops tauschii; a grass of Syrian origin. Now those Syrian seeds stored in a vault outside of Aleppo could end up saving US wheat from ...

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