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Justice and Development Party (AK Party) – Undermining the Foundations of the Republic of Turkey (Part 15 out of 16)

By: “Ahmed Suleiman Ibrahim” – a researcher in the Turkish affairs. Erdogan has met Abramowitz when he was the head of B-Oglu division (Istanbul) of Welfare Party. Abramowitz was frequently visiting Erdogan in his office and the relationship between them has developed over time. Erdogan was promoted to senior positions within a short period of time, and he became the ...

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The Country of the Blind

” The Country of the Blind” is a fictional story that is one of the most famous stories ever written by Herbert G. Wells. It was first printed in 1936 and is still one of the world’s finest stories. This author and storyteller tells us about a strange disease that spread in a remote village isolated from the world by ...

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