The Country of the Blind

” The Country of the Blind” is a fictional story that is one of the most famous stories ever written by Herbert G. Wells. It was first printed in 1936 and is still one of the world’s finest stories. This author and storyteller tells us about a strange disease that spread in a remote village isolated from the world by Andes mountains , this disease caused blindness to all the inhabitants of the village ,and since that moment they cut off their connection with the world outside and did non ever left the village , The isolated community prospered over the years, despite the disease that struck them early on, rendering all newborns blind.

As the blindness slowly spread over many generations, the people’s remaining senses sharpened, and by the time the last sighted villager had died, the community had fully adapted to life without sight. One day, a mountaineer named Nuñez slips and falls down the far side of the mountain. At the end of his descent, down a snow-slope in the mountain’s shadow, he finds a valley, cut off from the rest of the world on all sides by steep precipices.

Unbeknown to Nuñez, he has discovered the fabled “Country of the Blind”. Then , he tried introducing himself to the villagers; who is he and what circumstances have brought him to their village and how people in his country have (sight), but once he uttered the word (sight) questions came to him from every side : “What does that mean? And how? And in what way do people see?” The protagonist of the story (Nuñez) was unable to explain the meaning of sight, how can the blind understand what sight means?! Thus he fled before they take off his eyes, wondering how blindness can be healthy and sight be disease!

” The Country of the Blind”  is every society that is full of ignorance, chaos, corruption, underdevelopment, poverty, violence and intolerance because of ideas that are not right but dominant , and any enlightenment call in such society faces rejection, suspicion and violence. The country of the blind is every society that is dominated by abhorrent sectarianism , hatred of the other and the justification for hurting all who are different…may God enlighten your sight and insight!



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