Justice and Development Party (AK Party) – Undermining the Foundations of the Republic of Turkey (Part 15 out of 16)

By: “Ahmed Suleiman Ibrahim” – a researcher in the Turkish affairs.

Erdogan has met Abramowitz when he was the head of B-Oglu division (Istanbul) of Welfare Party. Abramowitz was frequently visiting Erdogan in his office and the relationship between them has developed over time.

Erdogan was promoted to senior positions within a short period of time, and he became the Mayor of Istanbul. After that, Abramowitz came back to Washington, but he did not cut off his ties with Erdogan. The US intelligence officers, the supporters of the Moderate Islam Project, were determined to support Erdogan in the face of Necmettin Erbakan. Abramowitz did his best in this respect. Erdogan’s office in Istanbul had turned into a rest stop for the Americans. Once the US consul craved Turkish coffee, he rushed to sip it at Erdogan’s office.

The Moderate Islam can be brought to power through Erdogan. The Turkish journalists have begun publishing a lot of tracts about the fact that Abramowitz is preparing Erdogan, a civilian-looking man in a suit and tie, who has begun to shine as mayor in place of Erbakan. When Abramowitz, who has a very good relationship with Erdogan, left Ankara, he said to Erdogan, “If you need anything, call me immediately.

The number of people who say to Erdogan (call me if you need anything) has increased, and his phone was ringing constantly. Furthermore, all dormant centers in America have been awakened one by one.  Erdogan’s meetings withAmerican diplomats, intelligence officials and policy makers have not stopped.

The most prominent figures in the Jewish lobby in America have held secret meetings with Erdogan since he was the mayor of Istanbul. For example, Abraham Foxman, the president of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the most prominent Jewish institution in America, came to Istanbul specially to meet Erdogan.

There was a need to strengthen the relationship with Erdogan. Therefore, Erdogan had to be invited to Washington for the second time, and he was received at the White House by an unprecedented protocol, although this time also did not have any official status.

That evening, Paul Wolfowitz and Mark Crossman visited Erdogan at his hotel.” The Americans wanted the meeting to be private and informal.

In order to manage things well, Junid Zabsu did not allow “Farouk Oglu”, the Turkish ambassador in Ankara who came with them, to attend the meeting and that is why the ambassador remained in the lobby of the hotel.

The aim of their unwillingness to write any remarks and not to welcome a representative of the official government was to prepare Erdogan for the meeting that awaits them tomorrow at the White House. (…)

Wolfowitz and Grossman gave Erdogan information on the talks that will take place tomorrow and what things Bush wants to hear and what Erdogan has to say.

This is how the Justice and Development Party was established and how the way was paved for it to come to power in Turkey.

To be continued…



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