Daily Archives: Thursday August 2nd, 2018

The tale of two Souths: Southern Lebanon and Southern Syria

By Naram Sargon The Israelis are trying now to say: “forgive us for the mistake we have committed when we obliterated the ceasefire line (disengagement line) and gave it to terrorist groups to fight you with them. The entire story was a mere “joke”. So let us get back to the old days ! As simple as that, the Israeliswant  ...

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Trump’s objectives

By Thierry Meyssan The US President Donald Trump has one key objective in mind. He wants to dismantle the financial speculative capitalism of the transnational elite of Davos to restore the productive capitalism, or what is being expressed as “the American Dream”. Such an orientation has led him, as a matter of course, to view with skepticism the imperialistic ideology ...

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Syrian New Year ” Akitu”

It is not surprising that Syrians have known the calendar since ancient times and that their calendar preceded both the Hebrew and the Pharaonic ones; as on their land the alphabet was born and many civilizations arose. The Syrians in ancient times divided the year into seasons in which they practiced rituals derived from their agricultural activities and their association ...

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