A civil Syria that implements justice

By: Syrian writer and researcher Dr. Ali al- Shoaibi

Government is a political institution based on constantly evolving laws and regulations depending on local, regional and global development, and depending on local needs in particular.

And thus we see that it is based on the continuous evolving and changing civil needs , while religion is based on belief, and in its spiritual meanings it’s a personal matter of a vertical relationship between man and Lord , while in the personal meanings religion is many different and diverted concepts.

Throughout Islamic history, no consensus has been reached on a specific jurisprudence, but historical fact indicates that Muslims know a set of doctrines, some of which are extinct.

Some researchers differentiate between jurisprudence and Sharia, forgetting that each jurisprudence is taken from the Shari’a, and that they constitute a fixed doctrine that does not develop because it deals with the process of faith in general.

This has led the sultans’ religious researchers  in history to issue civil jurisprudence that meets the needs of development and that is in line with the progress of urban ,social , economic and other needs of the renewable Life. While the phenomenon of political Islam is a phenomenon that was made to look like religion ,to wear its skin  and to use it for the purpose of reaching power, and it actually had reached power in some Arab and Islamic countries and failed a great failure, but still we are only one step far from standing under the of victory arch.

After seven years of war and more, we must adhere to the secularism of the Syrian state, a civil state capable of achieving the renaissance that the Syrians aspire to after they have emerged from the corridors of terrorism , we must be concerned about the implementation of justice in a multi-ethnic Syrian society , and we must start the psychological reconstruction because we are in a deep need to have back strong souls that are able to stand again , to rebuild again, and to overcome the plight carrying our great pains, just like what Japan , Vietnam, Malaysia and Germany after Hitler did.

We must arise strong! We as Syrians who have fought a hundred countries- many of them were large nations- are capable of making a huge renaissance at every level.

Psychological reconstruction will take us to physical reconstruction, at then our minds will be free to give the building process all the needed attention at any detail or form .

Dear Syrians ! the best is yet to come , we will have great days but don’t you ever forget the lessons that this war has taught you .

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