Syrian army wins the trophy of the best army in countering aggression

By: Syrian writer and researcher Dr. Ali al – Shoaibi

After its great victories in the province of Daraa south of Syria , the Syrian Arab army has led the movement of repelling aggression very close to final victory.

and I , just like the reader , keep thinking about the rest of the places that still need to hear the roars of Syrian army; but then I quickly remember the idiom that says ” When you see your neighbor’s beard being cut, start getting yours wet” ,and the terrorist herds around Quneitra had theirs wet.

Every day they raise their necks to see the situation of their neighbors in Daraa, one of their leaders once stopped saying “Allah Akbar” and started screaming : “oh my! Oh my! ” and the rest have folly repeated his words without understanding a thing, then one of the terrorists approached him and asked” what are you amazed by?”  his master replied ” we expected the victory of the Syrian army, but we did not expect it this soon ..!

We did not expect the coup of the cities, towns, villages and farms in Daraa. It was a coup against us, in proportion to the speed of the victories of the Syrian Arab army.

They didn’t wait a second before coming out shouting in the name of the president and raising his pictures and pictures of the Syrian flag , they were fooling us…

they were afraid of our weapons , but once the army came and liberated them from us; they returned to their Syrian national identity..! And nothing is left to us now but to die or reconcile ..”

And I say to you :the path of reconciliation is a real grant of life really.. enough blood .. Let us return to the bosom of the homeland ..

Oh how dear and precious the homeland is..

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