For the Syrians who left the country

By: Syrian writer and researcher Dr. Ali al – Shoaibi

My question is for every patriotic honest Syrian who left Syria for whatever reason he had: you went out of Syria but can you take Syria out of your heart ? I’m sure that every honest patriot Syrian who left the country had his own reason to do so, and I’m pretty sure that he is following the news about every spot in Syria minute by minute and hearing about the victories accomplished by the Syrian Arab army.

We all know well now that great victory is ahead of this great army in every spot it goes , we can see it now very close to win and liberate the south of Syria from the Takfiris.

I write to while I see your hearts creeping towards your country which you left but still lives in your hearts, I write to you while see your eyes cutting the distance and looking forward to see the homeland , and till that comes true; those eyes are watching all the media that talk about every Syrian city and village to talk about all these victories later .

every time I call one of these patriot Syrians to tell him about a new victory ; I find that he knows about it more than me .

So we are here at a crossroads in our speech to our Syrian children to return and contribute to the building of the homeland and this is what the homeland expects of them, let me talk to these Syrians and ask them who will build your homes? Who will build factories, infra- and super- structures? Who??

Come back! Your home country misses you, please come back as all the mountains, rivers, cities and villages miss you. Come back, you factory workers, to your factories.

Come back, O craftsmen, to your trades and occupations. Come back all of you as all your friends and families miss you.

Even the markets of Damascus ,Aleppo, Homs and Hama miss you. Come back and build your cities whether you are from al-Raqqa, Deir al-Zour, Suwayda, Daraa, Hassakeh, Tartus or Latakia, all of you come back! Haven’t you missed the sweet breezes of Syria? haven’t you missed the Syrian sea , rivers , plains and mountains …tell me haven’t you missed your traditional cuisine and your Falafel?  Haven’t you missed a walk in the markets that sells fresh vegetables and fruits with passion?

You Syrians are the people of the country of the sun; a country that presented tens of tens of thousands of martyrs to preserve their dignity and their sovereign decision.

But if you chose not to come back; then you have chosen the other path, the path that you and your children will get lost in.

please don’t get lost, don’t  erase yourselves from existence, what is the value of a person without his homeland ?

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