In my country..the wind sings out of joy

By: Syrian writer and researcher Dr. Ali al- Shoaibi

Syrians everywhere have awakened on the sound of the wind blowing everywhere out of joy due to the recent great victories achieved by the great Syrian Arab army  everywhere, and now here are the words of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad about the liberation of every inch of Syria are becoming true in almost every part of them..and I in my turn, have sang out of joy -before any media has did- the song of good beating evil , till my voice reached the sky  while saying ” victory has come from God to us” ,and reached the earth shouting ”  masses of people have entered reconciliation” , while the horn of victory played the music of winning over the biggest conspiracy in history , winning over the criminals and killers whether from inside or outside the country , winning over the biggest criminals in history and their tools who put many malicious plans to destroy Syria. the wind sings out of joy for the victorious army and calls on every child of Syria to come back home .

Oh dear Syrian! Come back home as it has been liberated, hold your head up as your country has became the land of the freedom in the world , come back only few inches are left to be liberated as a whole, come back as your army has paid the price of freedom with the blood of the martyrs and the with the whines of the wounded , come back and be happy and joyful , rise your sleeves and help rebuilding your country, come back as the wind of joy is singing with you and pushing away any poisonous wind that could hurt you or your children , your country is afraid on you , come back and don’t go with the poisonous wind!

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