The Roots of the Old Tree

Once upon a time, there was a huge apple tree and there was a child plays around it every day. He loved this tree so much, and the tree also loved playing with him. Over time, the child grew up and he did not play around the tree every day. One day, the boy came back home and he was sad.

The tree said to him, “Come and play with me.” The boy replied, “I am no longer a kid to play around you. I want some toys to play with, but I need some money to buy them.” “I have no money to give it to you, but you can take all my apples and sell them, then you get the money you want,” the tree said.

The boy was very happy. He climbed the tree and picked up all the apples, and then he left happily.  After that, the child did not come back again, and the tree became very sad. One day, the boy came back, but he became a man!! The tree was very happy to see him and said, “Come and play with me.” However, he replied, “I have no time to play with you, I become a man having a family and we need a house to live in. Can you help me?” The tree said, “Sorry, I do not have a house, but you can take all my branches to build a house for you.” Indeed, the man cut all branches and left happily. The tree was glad to see him happy. However, the man did not come back to it again.

On a hot summer day, the man came back, and the tree was very happy for seeing him again and said to him, “come and play with me.” The man said, “I am an old person now and I want to sail far away in order to rest in my life. Can you give me a boat?” The tree said, “Take my trunk to make your boat, and then you can sail far away.” Actually, the man cut off the trunk of the tree in order to make his boat, and then he sailed far away for so long.

After a long while, the man came back. However, the tree said to him while crying, “Sorry, Son, I have nothing to give it to you. I no longer have apples, branches or a trunk; I really have nothing. I only have deed roots now!

The man said to the tree, “I only need a place to rest in it. I am so tired after all these years.” The tree replied, “The root of the old tree is the best place for you to rest. Come and sit with me to rest. The man leaned to the tree and the tree was very happy. The tree smiled with tears dropping out of her eyes.

Do you know who this tree is??? She is your mother who always thinks of you!!

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