Daily Archives: Thursday August 16th, 2018

“Judas Iscariot’s Helmet”

The “White Helmets Organization” has played a key role in the war against Syria. Most of the accusations brought against the Syrian Government of targeting the civilians in different forms were based on the false reports and incidents skillfully fabricated by the organization members. The United States,Britain and Francehave launched their tripartite aggression against Syria based on media reports fabricated ...

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Have Syrian missiles beaten Israel’s David Sling?

Israel boasts about its  David Sling air defense system, the pride of its stat of the art product. This system is manufactured by Rafael Advanced Systems Company and is being propagandized for marketing purposes as one of the world’s state of the art high-tech systems. The Israelis describe this system as “the magical wand”. But is it really  “magical”? In ...

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