“Judas Iscariot’s Helmet”

The “White Helmets Organization” has played a key role in the war against Syria. Most of the accusations brought against the Syrian Government of targeting the civilians in different forms were based on the false reports and incidents skillfully fabricated by the organization members.

The United States,Britain and Francehave launched their tripartite aggression against Syria based on media reports fabricated by the organization.

However, such fabrications would not deceive the world. The United States and other Western countries did not conduct a single humanitarian evacuation for Syrian citizens oragents. All declared and hidden evacuations were carried out by Washington for the terrorist organizations’ leaders, andwhat happened in Raqqa, Deir Ezzor and the Syrian Desertis the best witness of that.

We will not ask about the number of those who have been evacuated because they are much more than what was announced, or about their nationalities in details as some of them are westerners and certainly Arabs.The best thing the Syrian Arab Army had ever did is that to consider them and the countries supporting them as an occupation which Syria has to get rid of completely. The smuggling of those people is not smuggling of individuals only, but of countries and governments also, and it is an attempt to conceal their subversive role in the eight-year war against Syria and its people.

One of the most eloquent descriptions written about The “Black” Helmets was an article entitled, Judas Iscariot’s Helmet by Naram Sargon,saying:

“What the White Helmets did in Syria is not different from what Judas Iscariot had done; the one known for the most famous kiss in history. I have no doubt that Judas Iscariot either wore a White Helmet or was the source of inspiration for the idea of international, humanitarian and human rights organizations that betray people with a kiss;  it is the“Judas’ Kiss” that precedes crucifixion and murder.

Judas has shown his great love for Jesus Christ before the Roman soldiers… a great love and a gentle kiss by the one known for the first White Kiss and the first White Helmet.

Nowadays, there are a lot ofIscariots who are still committing the same crime that leads them to the same destiny wherecurses will chase them wherever they go.

They must be punished and prosecuted in the countries to which they have sought refuge until the last day of their lives.A crime will foreverremain in the memory of present and future generations and an exile will not blur the reality.They are just like the Nazis who have been prosecuted even in their old age.

A day will come when those killers will be held accountable for what they have done. Their crimes and betrayals will be preserved in the history records and they will be prosecuted and punished even after decades.

The story of Judas Iscariot is a story of a White Helmet; however, the best end of Judas Iscariot’s story(the one with the White Helmet) is either by being crucified as mentioned in the Holy Quran or by hanging himself as mentioned in the Holy Bible.

Source: “The Syrian Facts”



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