Have Syrian missiles beaten Israel’s David Sling?

Israel boasts about its  David Sling air defense system, the pride of its stat of the art product. This system is manufactured by Rafael Advanced Systems Company and is being propagandized for marketing purposes as one of the world’s state of the art high-tech systems. The Israelis describe this system as “the magical wand”. But is it really  “magical”? In its first test on the battle field, the system has failed miserably.  It was served its first humiliation at the hands of the Syrians on the morning of July 23, 2018.

On that morning, a mobile Syrian battery positioned in the eastern side of the southern Deraa province fired two SS-21 missiles west-wards, i.e. in the direction of  the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. The missiles were immediately locked down and sirens were sounded in Safad, the Galilee and the occupied Golan. Settlers rushed to bunkers for shelter. Soon afterwards, the first missile of the “David Sling” system was fired. Two minutes later, a second missile was fired.

The Syrian missiles hit two positions held by the terrorists on the peripheries of the Yramouk Valley.

But how Israeli media relayed the incident?

The Israeli military analyst Amos Harel told Haaretz that the projectile and the trajectory of the Syrian missiles seemed to be heading towards the Galilee or Safad.

That is why, according to him, the sirens were sounded and the interception system was activated. Hence, an interceptive missile of the David Sling system was fired. From the military point of view, Harel’s account might be correct, but  only partially. It is a half-truth.

He would not reveal the entire truth because it would be an embarrassing expose. The Syrian missiles are believed to have been ballistic missiles with a range of about 100 kilometers. Military experts know what does it mean to have a missile capable of carrying a 100-kg explosive head. More so, if this missile scores a direct hit on its target.

The justification cited by Haaretz about taking the risk of firing a patriot missile of their state of the art “David Sling” system would have been plausible had their missile hit its target. But it did not.

To cover up their embarrassment, the Israelis came up with a naïve narrative.  They claimed that “their military has destroyed own patriot missile when they realized that the Syrian missiles were not directed at ‘Israel’ and it was obvious that they would fall within the Syrian territories.”

No sane person would believe such a story. The time frame needed to determine where a missile might land when it suddenly changes course towards the target is about 0.4 seconds at best. This is the minimal time needed to calculate the distance travelled by the missiles, estimated by Firil Center at about 60 km.

Therefore it would be logically impossible for any human person to take such a serious decision and act upon it within such a limited time frame estimated at a fraction of a second (accurately about 0.4 of the second). In other words, had the Syrian missile been directed at Safad, it would have hit its target before the Israelis would have enough time to decide whether or not to intercept it.

What has happened on July 11 might give us a clue. On that day,  a Syrian drone entered the airspace of occupied Palestine and managed to fly as into their skies for about 9.6 km before it was downed by a Patriot. In other words, the decision to down the drone has taken some 15 minutes. Back then, the Israelis claimed that it took them that long to act, because they wanted to make sure that it was not Russian.

Israel’s confusion, as shown by its contradictory statements, is enough proof that Israeli missiles, including “David Sling” system were a total failure.

But this is not the entire story. Here we have some other points showing what a failure they are:

  • The time span between the first siren being sounded and the first patriot missile being fired is estimated at about 40 seconds. This means that the decision to intercept the Syrian missiles has taken some 40 seconds, while the decision not to intercept similar missiles has taken only a fraction of the second, or more accurately only 0.4 seconds.

  • Israel has shot down a low-speed reconnaissance drone that approached the disengagement line in the Golan Heights, but never crossed it, while it declined to intercept high-speed missiles moving at a velocity of up to 1,200 km per hour !!!

  • Sounding the sirens in Safad and its northern neighborhoods shows a grave military mistake in calculating and/or accurately predicting the potential trajectory of the missiles, aFiril Centre expert believes. According to him, the Syrian Missiles trajectory indicate that they would have landed to the South-West of the Lake of Tiberias(also known as the Sea of Galilee) had they been really been fired in the direction of occupied Palestine. If so,  the sirens have been sounded in an area lying about  20 kilometers  away from the location of its potential landing. Such a mistake reveals how inadequate the military are in their calculations and in assessing or predicting the potential path of an incoming missile.

  • The Israeli Army said that it has fired a Patriot missile to intercept a Syrian reconnaissance drone, then shortly afterwards, a second missile was fired. Shortly afterwards, they changed the statement to say that the sirens were activated (presumably automatically) as some rockets were monitored being fired within Syria as a part of the on-going internal fighting in Syria. So what is the exact situation? Was it a reconnaissance drone? Rockets? Or Missiles?

  • Another instance of the confusion and contradiction in the Israeli statements can be clearly observed by examining the following statement made by an  Israeli officer with the rank of a Colonel. He said that they have  examined the missile as it veered off course while flying in the air. The updated estimates  showed that it would land in the Syrian territories. Therefore, one of the interceptive missiles self-exploded mid-air, while the second one did not self-explode. However, it was unclear whether it has hit the Syrian missile.”

Have a closer look at this latest statement. Here we have an Officer in charge of the “state of the art” missile system and a spokesman of the occupation Army and either of them knows what has happened to their missiles nor where have they landed!! Then claim that this is the most advanced defensive system in the world!!

The repeated failure of the “Iron Dome” and the “David Sling” systems prompted the Cabinet’s Security and Political Committee known as  mini-Cabinet to convene and endorse an enormous financial budget for a colossal Army armament  plan allegedly to “protect the internal front” of the Zionist entity !! According to YediothAhronoth, the mini-Cabinet discussed the development of some additional innovative defense systems!!!   Really !!

Do not they boast having the best system in the world? If true, then why the spend-thrifting?

Whatever the case, the question that Israelis keep asking themselves is the following:

“What if dozens of missiles were fired at us in one salvo”???

The source: A translation into English by  Syrianfacts of a piece  published in Arabic by Firil.net.

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