The “Ghost Particle” Helps Scientists Solve the most Complicated Mysteries of the Universe

Scientists have found that the ‘ghost’ subatomic particle,detected in the Antarctic ice, may hold the key to the biggest mysteries of the universe and open up a new kind of astronomy based on the study of neutrinos.

Since cosmic rays were discovered in the early twentieth century, scientists have been working to find the source of the energetic particles bombarding our planet. It was not an easy task, since cosmic rays are electrically charged and their route becomes untraceable after numerous contacts with magnetic fields in space.

Thehigh-energetic neutrinosappeared to save the astronomers. These tiny subatomic particlesthat look like ghosts, have noelectrical charge and, in most cases, do not interact with other substances at all. This makes them almost impossible to be monitored but if so; they can be reliably traced to their original place as they travel in a straight line.

Last September, the IceCube Neutrino Observatory near the South Pole was finally able to detect and follow the path of a single neutrino, using its 5160 light sensors, placed deep in the Arctic ice.

In less than a minute after a particle, travelling at almost the speed of light, was detected, the observatory asked astronomers worldwide to point their telescopes to the place where the neutrino has supposedly begun its journey.

The path of the “ghost” particle was traced back to a spot in the sky near the OrionConstellationwhere a massive source of gamma radiation was found.

Scientists of “Ice Cube Francis Halzen” program in University of Wisconsin- Madison, claim that the discovery of these ghost-like particles can provide a completely new way of looking at the universe.

The discovery of Neutrino, which was announced in Science Magazine, point out to a single possible origin which is powerful jets of accelerated particles released from the poles of huge fast-spin black holes. So far, the origin of high-energy cosmic rays has remained a mystery for scientists.

Scientists have ascertained that one of the most powerful of the Blazars (fake glowing stars),known in the TXS 0506+056 galaxy, four billion light-years away from Earth, is the origin of the neutrino.

The discovery announced in “Science” magazine can allow humanity someday to study the most distant and powerful sources of energy with a totally new way.

Source: RT



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