AK Party- Undermining the Foundations of the Turkish Republic – Part 16

By Ahmad Suleiman al-Ibrahim – A Researcher in Turkish Affairs

Turkey has been turned into a fore-front police out-post guarding the US imperialist interests in the region since ever  the Justice Party under Adnan Menders assumed authority in Turkey in 1950, when he agreed to  send Turkish troops to fight alongside the United Stated in the Korean war and endorsed  Turkey’s accession into the NATO.

Since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, two  major political projects are locked in a state of perpetual rivalry.

The First one aspires to turn Turkey into a multi-ethnic central Federation. The other name for this political orientation is commonly known as “The Neo-Ottomanism”, which began to surface in the political life with personalities like Talat Pasha, Anvar Pasha, Jamal Pasha, and was  continued under Adnan Menderes, TurgutOzal, and up to RecepTeyyepErdogn and his Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

The other one fights for the right of the Turkish Nation to sovereignty  over the entire geographic territory of Anatolia to usher modern Turkey into the 21st century on the premises of the constitutional foundations of the Turkish Republic.

The transition into a multi-party system featured the emergence of  the“Center and Peripheries Nexus” in the Turkish politics. The Center was mainly represented by the Republican People’s Party (ChumhuriyetHalkPartisi – CHP) made up  of the military and civil bureaucratic elites and big capital (Big money).

It believed that modernization should be introduced from top to base by means of several ways, including those relying on force. On the other hand, the peripheries movement was mainly represented by the Democratic Party, which stands for the demands of the  villagers, farmers, artisans of all vocations, low-income people, various ethnic communities, and almost all religious communities of all faiths and schools. It would serve the interests of all these constituencies from the base upwards to the center.

The first thing AK Party has done was the liquidation of the classical capitalist class, known commonly as Istanbul and Marmara’s capitalists.

He replaced them with the so-called “Istanbul Tigers”. AK Party also cracked down on Kemalists and  secularists eliminating thereby top brssArmy and Security officers through a series of  high-profile  Ergenekon,  Balyoz and Oda TV trials. These officers were replaced by individuals from followers of FethullahGulen, Ak Party’s ruling partner till 2014.

One can easily observe so many similarities between Adnan Menderes and RecepTeyyep Erdogan.

Adnan Menderes abolished the villages institutes, fought against secularism, and gave  a free hand to Turkish religious orders to grow and prosper  (religious orders known as Tarikas are religious groupings having their own ways or paths to God with each of them having specific sets of traditions and rituals).

On the Foreign level, he was spear-headed the imperialist endeavor to besiege the Soviet Union and acted as a regional leader of this project, which was meant to steer the Middle East into enmity with the then Soviet bloc.

Within this context, he also fought against Arab nationalism and spared no effort to undermine the nation-state of Syria, which at that time was in good terms with both the Soviet Union and the charismatic Egyptian leader Gamal Abdul Nasser.

Likewise, Erdogan cultivated  religiosity as a key means to undermine the very foundations of the secular state and the secular structure of  all state institutions. On the foreign policy level, his publicly stated objectives are no secret.

Often on camera, he stated that “Turkey has a specific mission to accomplish in the Middle East”. “What is this mission?”  He asks and answers own question by stating: “ Turkey is a regional leader of the Broader Middle East and North Africa project. And we (Turkey) are fulfilling this mission.”

This fully explains and exposes the role he has played and is still playing first on the interior level within Turkey and  next on the regional level of the Middle East, especially against Syria, where he endeavors to undermine the very foundations  of  all  nation-states in the region.

To be more accurate, he is trying to undermine the foundations of the first Republics, namely the secular and semi-secular republics established in the Levant in the wake of their independence.

End of part XVI, the last part of a feature  by the author published by Syrianfacts on 16 segments.

Translated into English by Syrianfacts.

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