Daily Archives: Thursday August 23rd, 2018

The outcome of the conflict is already visible

By Dr. Ahmad al-Hajj Ali Two  logical conclusions can be figured out from this over-all conflict between the Syrian homeland and the coalition of enemies, including terrorist tentacles: First, this phase is the last chapter of this US-Zionist terrorist war on Syria, in terms of liquidating the structural construction of these terrorist forces, on the one hand, and exposing the ...

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Trump to Putin: Give me China and take Syria

By Naram Sargon From day one of his arrival into the White House, President Trump was “greeted” with an unprecedented campaign of hostilities. The corporate US media, the Pentagon, the Intelligence establishment and the financial elites all were favoring  Hillary Clinton to be at the helm of the decision-making in order to accomplish the on-going war in the Middle East ...

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How to avoid 90% of health problems?

Scientists from the University of California at San Francisco have identified a practical way to avoid small and large health problems. In a study published in the journal Business Insider, the researchers say chronic stress and increased stress are responsible for 90 percent of all human diseases. Scientists have given special brain training to those who want to learn how ...

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