The outcome of the conflict is already visible

By Dr. Ahmad al-Hajj Ali

Two  logical conclusions can be figured out from this over-all conflict between the Syrian homeland and the coalition of enemies, including terrorist tentacles:

First, this phase is the last chapter of this US-Zionist terrorist war on Syria, in terms of liquidating the structural construction of these terrorist forces, on the one hand, and exposing the clandestine relations between terror-sponsoring regimes with their proxies in the interior fronts, on the other.

The conflict would not end with the mere destruction of terrorist forces and their “political project”, it would rather be a sort of an ultimate outcome that would draw the curtain on a poignant period of the war on Syria. Closing down this dark chapter would open up a new horizon for a new era of high performance and wide dimensions. This is the law of war between the aggressors and the aggressed upon. The victory of a nation under attack would surely open up the way for a major beginning to choose the horizons of own existence and future. At the same time, it marks the diminishing and the downfall of the aggressors, who would be left with nothing to cling to other than ropes of thin air.

The ultimate outcome this time is not  hypothetical nor mere wishful thinking. It is a plethora of  facts being translated on the ground with some solid military, political, social and economic factors. These factors would yield their fruits at the end of this long and exhausting  journey of bloody confrontations.

It is now an almost unanimously agreed-upon consensus all over the world, who are monitoring and following up the movement of this war, that the ultimate  outcome would be a grand historical prize (for Syria) heralding the start of a new phase of life. The new building up era would capitalize on this blood-baptized Prize. It would lay the foundations for a new non-stop and inexhaustible  march of building up and prosperity.

The second conclusion we might draw from this full-scale aggression on Syria is that forces of aggression have been and continued to be represented by the US and EU Western circles, the Sheikhdoms of the Arabian Gulf, especially the Al Saud regime, and the unbridled evil of Erdogan, besides some auxiliary roles given to this or that tiny regime across the globe, such as the Jordanian regime or the proxy terrorist  groups taking shelter under the protection of western  forces, who lured them into riding Satan to conquer any peaceful place on Earth.

Syria’s victory over all these forces of evil would lay the foundation stone for the building up of healthier, fairer and more balanced relations in our contemporary world. This would be the barometer to judge the soundness/unsoundness of any potential orientation. This would be a clear indictment to the  blind use of brute force, fire-power, high-tech and deception to tread on the rights of world people.

Translated into English by Syrianfacts



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