A Simple Way to Avoid Math Tests Phobia!

Most students suffer from math testsphobia that makes them feel uncomfortable; however, researchers have found a simple way to help them overcome this problem. The researchers found that sitting straight could enhance students’ skills during math tests.“Erik Peper”, professor of Health Education atSan Francisco University, says: “For people who are anxious about math, posture makes a giant difference,sitting in an unhealthy manner disrupts the function of the brain and the ability to think clearly.”

Fifty-six per cent of the students reported that they found it easier to perform math in the upright position. According to “Richard Harvey”, an Associate Professor of Health Education, sitting incorrectly can trigger old negative memories in the body and brain.

Both “Peper” and “Harvey” say that these findings about body position can help people prepare for many different types of performance under stress, not just math tests.

Lauren Mason, one of the people who prepared the research paper, explained that this way could be particularly helpful to students facing the challenge called “stereotype threat “. Mason said that the study results demonstrate a simple way to improve many aspects of life, especially when stress is involved.

  • Source: “Daily Mail”



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