The reason behind this intensive religious activity in the Levant. ( Part 1)

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi


The religious face in the Levant since the entry of Islam to it was a loving and respectful of all religions and sects and was not far from the equality between these religions and sects. This is due to the civilized nature of the Syrian people ;a wonderful creative nature of trees, rivers, flowers and civilization prior to the emergence of Islam , all of these played a big role In making up the Levant human; and we all know that human resembles a lot the place he was raised at, thus you find the son of the desert is somehow lagging behind, while the son of trees, seas, rivers, birds and music is often very sophisticated.

When the pure Islam arrived to the Levant, it found itself in it. it found love, beauty and the paths of light. All the Levant people ,whether Muslims or Christians, were peaceful  and lovers of civilization, they shaped their civilization to be polite and beautiful then they exported it to the rest of the world without mentioning who shaped it or created it , the only thing the world knew was that this civilization was made in the Levant..even when the talk was about religion, it wasn’t a discourse that accuses others of “disbelieving” or “infidelity”  like other modern religious schools who appeared later and that didn’t resemble the nature of Levant , except the schools of Andalusia – as those who carried Islam to it were from the Levant-  thus they were tolerant moral lovers who planted the seeds of European civilization early .. then ..What happened ..?

To be continued…  



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