Daily Archives: Monday August 27th, 2018

Melancholyof Words

By:Dr. Ali Al-Shuaibi, the Syrian writer and researcher.   I have been moving between Homs and Hama for a week now trying to write something but in vain. I could not bring myself to write about many painful and sorrowful subjects. To write is to convey a message; a very true and honest message. While I was well aware of ...

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The borders of the Golan Heights are set, what about“Israel”?

By Nasser Qindeel Giving a brief account of a debate conductedby a group of Israeli researchers and analysts, who have been trying to figure out what  potential changes might take place on  the Syrian landscape in order to chart a new strategy to meet with the unfolding transformations in the wake of the defeat sustained by Armed groups in Aleppo ...

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Chemists Turn “Air” into Protein

Biochemists have discovered an enzyme that can directly convert atmospheric carbon dioxide and alcohol into methionine molecules, one of the key “molecules of life”. The results of their experiments were published in (Nature Catalysis) journal. “In comparison with photosynthesis, the closest natural analogue of this process, our idea looks very simple and elegant, about 14 different enzymes participate in photosynthesis, ...

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