Melancholyof Words

By:Dr. Ali Al-Shuaibi, the Syrian writer and researcher.


I have been moving between Homs and Hama for a week now trying to write something but in vain. I could not bring myself to write about many painful and sorrowful subjects. To write is to convey a message; a very true and honest message. While I was well aware of the message I want to convey,I picked up my pen to write about some of what goes on in ourminds as Syriansand many other issues.

The liberation of the Southern part of Syria makes our hearts beat with joy; saying with every beat, “O, Mighty Army! Where are you heading next??! Your successive victories have instilled fear in the heart of your enemies; to the extent that they fell apart even before your arrival to the battlefield. Even the Israeli leaders, the occupiers of Palestine and Golan, admit that Syria has a very strong army and this army is going to achieve, achieve and achieve.

We know and believe in our army, and let our enemy predict as they wish whether their predictions are right or wrong. The Syrian people is following up our Army’s steps of victory; some people say that the army is heading to the northwest and others say to the western southern side of the north; the expectations are big and many but all affirm the victory that shall be achieved by our great army. The followers and seekers of our army’ next step are still in pursuit efforts to know the army’s next step, especially in light of the many predations of what is going on in Syria, including the secret negotiations carried out by Russia that represents Syria in imposing its control over every inch of the land from terrorism.

This article is not a political analysis or just a prediction; it asserts the inevitable victory of the Syrian Arab Republic. Well, there is nothing wrong with a warrior to take a rest.

While the great army is moving to achieve victory, an important question is raised: where the hundreds of thousands of terrorists who gathered in Edlib shall flee as long as the victory of the Syrian Army “defending its land and honor” is divine and inevitable.

Terrorists from many different nationalities gather on the land of olives, and we, as educated nationalists, live the daily events of our country and observethe next step of every victory our army achieves.

After going deep in thought, the only scenario comes into our minds is that after the storm our army shall move forward and hundreds of thousands of missiles and shells shall be dropped by the Russian air forces supported by our sophisticated artillery and thousands of Syrian Arab missiles. Then, Turkey shall be forced to adopt the process of transferring the armed terrorist groups into their countries under the supervision of Russia.

In all cases, the Turkish authorities do not want for those groups to stay in their country and will continue to deport the terrorists who brought them, leaving Al-Qaeda members, as if telling Russia that “I have nothing to do with the rest”. Then, the armyis going to do their duty by destroyingall those “to the last one of them’’ who were tempted to invade our country.

The melancholy of words remains to follow up the sounds of the clashes, fire and war till all the aggressors are out of our country.

By: Dr. Ali Al-Shuaibi, on the banks of the Euphrates-like Barada



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