Daily Archives: Tuesday August 28th, 2018

Idlib and the cats’ leader

Written by: Syrian writer and researcher Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi   Don’t let the title fool you! I’m not describing the terrorists of Idlib as cats , they are actually a bunch of mad dogs who went back to the way their ancestors were, we all know that dog was the first animal to be domesticated hundreds of thousands of years ...

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Enjoy the Ninety-Nine Blessings

A king asked his counselor: “why my servant is happier than me in his life?He does not have anything,while I, the king,have everything; nevertheless, I am not happy like him?”The counselor replied: “Maybe you should try the (99 rule) with him,” the king said: “What is the (99 rule)?” The counselor replied: “Put 99 Dinars in a bundle and write ...

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