Idlib and the cats’ leader

Written by: Syrian writer and researcher Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi


Don’t let the title fool you! I’m not describing the terrorists of Idlib as cats , they are actually a bunch of mad dogs who went back to the way their ancestors were, we all know that dog was the first animal to be domesticated hundreds of thousands of years ago.

These terrorists are mad dogs who have returned to their savage origins by the brotherly Wahhabi intellectual mix and by the adoption of backward aggressor states that do not know what to do with oil money except to implement the wishes of Syria’s enemies.

We have in our hands glances of the view of Firil center of studies toward the “Green Buses” that transported terrorists from all over Syria describing this action as ” a reflection of the outstanding genius of the Syrian leader al-Assad who ordered the transfer of terrorists from all over Syria to Idlib.

The center – on the tongue of one of the German intelligence officers- considered that this plan is the smartest intelligence plan in the world, it went on saying: Imagine that you gathered 200 cats in one room and asked them to agree on a leader for them.. What will happen!

This is exactly what the Syrian leadership did to these people when it chucked them in Idleb; it gathered 200 cats in one place to choose – according to their claims-  a leadership represented by a leading survivor squad that will lead other squads.

According to Firil, there are more than fifty-nine nationalities of fighters represented by one hundred and twenty-eight Islamic militant groups each of whom has its own leader who believes that he and his group are the best team.

This is exactly what the Syrian leadership did to these terrorists through the genius and bright mind of the Syrian leader al-Assad when he gathered them and left them to elect their ” leader cat”  but they will never agree on one , and every now and then you can hear their loud bloody caterwaul. According to its reporters and eye-witnesses, Firil estimates that the number of dead between the Nasra and Ahrar al-Sham only reached 1,780 in two months.

This led to the destruction of the factions’ agreement, which was named the Islamic Organization headed by terrorist Abu Ammar Taftnaz the general commander and Mohammed al-Golani the military commander. Another brilliant genius glance of the Syrian leadership suggests to the Russian leadership to suggest to the Turkish leadership to whisper in the ears of the terrorist leaders affiliated to Turkey: “Your integration with al-Nusra is a suicide act!” What will happen to them first, and what will the Assad army do to them second? The future is very near…



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