Enjoy the Ninety-Nine Blessings

A king asked his counselor: “why my servant is happier than me in his life?He does not have anything,while I, the king,have everything; nevertheless, I am not happy like him?”The counselor replied: “Maybe you should try the (99 rule) with him,” the king said: “What is the (99 rule)?”

The counselor replied: “Put 99 Dinars in a bundle and write on it “This 100 Dinars is a gift for you,”put it at his door at the night and knock at the door, then watch what would happen.”The king did what his counselor advised him to do.

The servant took the bundle, and when he counted the dinars he said: “The remaining dinar must have fallen outside”. So, he went out along with all his family members to look for the missing dinar;they spent the whole night looking for it but it was all in vain.The father became angry with his family because they did not find the missing dinar. Consequently, the servant’s mood changed from being calm to being angry and indignant.

Next day the servant was depressed because he did not sleep allnight,so he went to the king with a frowning face, bad temper, unhappy and discontent. The king then realized the meaning of the (99 rule).

Lesson: We keep forgetting the 99 blessings that Allah granted us and spend our lives looking for a missing bless! We keep looking for what Allah did not will for us to have and prevented it for a reason that we do not know, and make ourselves miserable forgetting all the blessings we already enjoy.

Enjoy the ninety nine blessings and ask Allah from his grace and praise Him for His countless blessings.Gratitude perpetuates blessings…



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