Daily Archives: Saturday September 8th, 2018

Turkish Intelligence and the alleged Chemical theatrics of Idleb

Without recalling the long bloody history of Turkey, one may safely say that Ankara’s criminal record is still going on. The propagandized “understandings and/or agreements” allegedly sealed with Moscow and Tehran and the curiously cited alleged disputes with the United States would not cover the glaring truth. Even if there is a real disagreement with the United States, Ankara’s  support, ...

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Another coup in Turkey or a Sultan’s ‘climb’ to an abyss?

By: Mohammad Sadek al- Husseini  Once again, we are seeing  more and more countries pivoting East. The more Trump tries to halt this momentum  by constraining friends and foes with sanctions and  acts of siege,  the more his arrogant empire gets further isolated. With such acts, Trump is merely accelerating the aging process of  the already flabby body of an ...

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