The Atlantic: Israel Lost the War in Syria

The US magazine “The Atlantic” published an article in which it pointed to the continuous failure of the diplomacy launched by the enemy’s Prime Minister “Benjamin Netanyahu” with the Russian presidentaiming to contain furtherdisturbing developments across the borders.

The magazine added that the Israeli officials, to a great extent, ruled out the probability of pushing the allies of Syria, “the resistance”, away from the borders of occupied Palestine. Moreover, the magazine considered that Israel’s conflict of interests in Syria is manifested in the resistance managing to reach the northern borders of Palestine, facilitation of the flow of arms to Hezbollah and the confrontation attitude taken by the Syrian president against Israel.

It further indicated that Israel which abstained from attempting to formulate the outcome of the Syrian war, has vigorously sought to achieve a narrow set of objectives designed to protect its interests… it funded and armed terrorist groups in the south to push the allies of Syria away from the southern borders.

The magazine pointed out the agreement recently signed between Iran and Syria to achieve further military cooperation between the two countries… adding that Israel has launched many aggressive airstrikes on Syria since the beginning of Syrian war, and assassinated the Head of Scientific Research Center in i, the Syrian scientist Aziz Isber by exploding his car in Hama suburb which constitutes an explicit accusation of the Israeli enemy involvement in the criminal assassination. However, according to the magazine, President Assad is once again strengthening his control over his country with unprecedented support from the allies.

The magazine stressedthe fact that the cooperation between Israel and Russia is based on the necessity rather than believing that Moscow has sided with Israel in its regional confrontation with Iranclarifying that Iran and the allies are ready to challenge Israel on multiple fronts in the coming years… the magazine quoted the former officer in the US army, “Michael Eisenstadt”, who said “the objective is to encircle Israel with a series of low-end conflictswhich would make the life there unbearable”.




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