Guard of the world’s largest terrorist park awaits the bloody red card

By: Naram Sargon

The most beautiful tales are the ones that don’t get rusty or old , but it seems that all the tales of the west are getting old, rusty, ugly and they have became cheap goods.. tale of democracy .. tale of freedom .. And tales of human rights ..

It seems that the American mind and the West in general suffered exhaustion in Syria ,this is reflected in the follow-up of what is produced by the media kitchen as it has been for a long time cooking the same talk and speeches that it soaked in its spices many times before and re-pouring the same soup in the same plates and above that re-inviting the same guests that it has invited before to all its banquets..

Since the beginning of the war on Syria .. the West has never stopped inviting people to the parties of crying and screaming and shedding tears at the Syrian civilians , refugees and the human suffering there .. Since 2013 the West has been handing out protective masks of chemical gases to members of the Security Council in New York because the poisonous gases hit by the Syrian army in Syria has reached New York.. Today, if we close our eyes and listen to  the Western statements about the Syrian disaster ,about the refugees who will pay the price of the liberation of Idlib .. and about the expectations of a chemical attack , we will feel that we entered a time machine that brought us back to the time of Obama and his idea of ” the remaining few days” ..

The West is fully aware that the decision to liberate Idlib was not put in a day, it was on the map in the last visit of President Assad to Russia .. because it has become the largest terrorist park in the world and the West knows that he is now playing” time-wasting” style. But the American , on the style on football players, hopes to score a goal in the wasted time ,all this fuzz about Idleb is due to all the under-table arrangements and re-construction compromises related to Israel, Iran and Hezbollah.

Ending the case of Idlib means that the Syrian focus will go toward the eastern region .. and scenarios of the eastern region are not in the interests of the Americans ..

The Americans will run out of it without a any security gains to Israel who began- alongside the West – the Arab Spring project to remove Syria from Syria, but that didn’t go as they planed as the results was the presence of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria on the borders of Palestine. Playing in the lost time of the game is expected from the Americans ..

But what may surprise everyone is that the goal in the last second will be scored by Syria and its allies in the US goal out of the blue .. We did not pay for any ticket to enter our territory .. from Golan to Scanderoon ..

The only ticket  nations pay to enter its territory is the blood ticket ..and it is a ticket owned by the patriotic Syrians ,they carry  it in their veins and arteries ..  And when they enter their land with blood tickets there is no force on earth that can take them out of it.

Tomorrow we will all go to the Jurassic park in Idlib , And when the American park guard  standing at its door will try to sell us a ticket to enter our land .. We will raise a red card in his face ..a card of our blood, which has been bleeding for eight years ..



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